Madeleine – Magnificent Six – Anne Guedes

The final person in my Magnificent Six is Anne Guedes. Anne has published certain elements of personal information, and I know nothing about her that she has not already made public.

Anne’s primary language is French. She teaches French at a university in Lisbon.

She appeared on L’Heure du Crime on French radio for a special around the 10th anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Oddly, though this interesting, I cannot think of a significant connection between Madeleine and France, though I could be mistaken. It is reported that Anne’s blog received an increase in traffic after this programme.

Anne also speaks Portuguese and English, and these capabilities are interesting. She is located in Lisbon, which means she has better access to Portuguese TV and to Portuguese newspapers than I have. She was also on site to provide transcripts of the McCanns v Amaral trial, plus some photos.

Anne’s blog is at It is in a mix of French and English. For those who do not have schoolchild French, Google will do enough to get the meaning through.

I have not worked out what got Anne interested in the Madeleine case, but if the truth be told, the only one of the Magnificent Six where I actually know the trigger event is me.

As far as I can tell, Anne holds quite different views to myself about the case, but that is not an issue from my point of view. I can learn much from people with different views to my own.

I don’t know when Anne arrived in Portugal, but I expect her to be much better plugged into Portuguese culture than I am. 5 years in Luz gets you ex-pat culture, and only a little more. Now we have neighbours who live Portuguese-style and only speak Portuguese, so I am going to have to get my language skills up several notches this year. I am working on it.


Madeleine – Magnificent Six – Joana Morais

Next up in my Magnificent Six is Joana Morais.

I have never met, spoken to, or corresponded with Joana. I have no idea whether she is on Facebook or Twitter, because I don’t use either.

Her blog (in English) is at This started in 2006, before Madeleine disappeared, and it has waxed and waned since then. At the moment, Joana seems be quiet, but that could well be because there have been no significant developments in the case for a while, going back to roughly the 10th anniversary.

As far as I know, Joana lives in Lisbon, and is a native speaker of Portuguese, plus commands good-quality English.

Contrast this with me where I now live in rural Portugal, my English is fluent but my Portuguese would not gain me a GCSE. I can read written Portuguese fairly well, so I get my Portuguese news from the Internet. We no longer have access to Portuguese TV, so I cannot watch news that way. If there is a TV special, I don’t get to see it unless someone loads it onto the Internet.

But one main thing I miss out on is paper-only articles. I simply don’t have a paper shop for miles. I assume the nearest is in Lagos. There is never going to be a pleasant stroll to the nearest café to sit with a coffee to read over a print-only story. I have upgraded my little music box to one with a digital radio just 3 days ago and I am working on Portuguese radio stations, to map out who does what when.

In summary, Joana is years ahead of me when it comes to Portuguese news sources.

If you check Joanna’s blog, you will also find it has an index of links that forms a mini-history of characters and sites that have been involved in the case since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Oh, and her blog has a very small photo of a woman that I presume is Joana, but as I have never met her, I cannot be certain.

Madeleine – the magnificent six – Heri

Heriberto Janosch González is next on my list of six people I consider to have more expertise than most in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

I have met Heri, and I consider him to be an affable man, easy to spend time in his company. This does not mean I agree with his views on the case. But where his views differed from mine, we were able to get on amicably, and explore alternative theories. I learned quite a lot about the disappearance in a very short time from Heri, so I am grateful.

Heri has recently told me that he has given up on the Madeleine McCann case. He has reduced his blog to just a summary page, at This is a shame, because his blog contained a vast amount of useful information.

It would appear that within a few months my Magnificent Six has dropped to just 4 active members. Though I have been on the case since only mid-2014, I have already seen a number of stalwarts fall by the wayside. Often, information disappears with such a departure, and unless you have a site copy, you are somewhat stuffed.

I am nowhere near to giving up on Madeleine’s disappearance, but if I reach that stage, this blog will be left intact to float off into the mists of time.

Heri’s blog still contains both a phone number and an email address. I will not copy those in case Heri chooses to remove them from his page in future.

When we met, Heri was living in Madrid. He spoke in English that was not fluent, but it was a lot better than my night school Spanish, so we conversed in 95% English and 5% Spanish.

One final point on Heri. I outlined just one potential theory to him, quite different to Heri’s. By that time, I had given up on sending information to Operation Grange, due to the persistent lack of response. Heri urged me to send this quite different theory to Operation Grange. Eventually I did. As usual, I got no response. But in the run-up to the 10th anniversary, I got a communication from Heri that Panorama wanted to talk to me. That talk took place, and one chunk of the Panorama 10th anniversary special appears to be based around my theory. I presume the conduit was Heri, as he was interviewed on that programme.

Madeleine – magnificent six – SIL

Please allow me to introduce myself.

The bit about me that seems to intrigue people the most is whether I am male or female. Personally, I cannot see why this makes one iota of difference. I have now met, in person, 5 journalists and a further two of the magnificent 6, and all of them can recognise me, name me, and tell you my gender. These are non-important points, because they don’t change anything.

My blog name, Elça Craig, has already been identified as a joke based on the island of Ailsa Craig, in the Firth of Clyde. The island is close to Turnberry golf course, and it is famous as the world’s best source of curling stones. It happens to be ‘close’ to where I grew up, and I love the sea.

What are the important points about me?

I happen to have two degrees from two top quality UK universities. All that means is I have got a brain and I can use it.

I happen to have retired, so I have time to spare on my interests. If you have read my blog, you should have worked out that in December 2017, I was constructing a boule pitch for my beloved, in our back garden. And I was digging a vegetable patch for our 7-year-old grandson, because I wanted him to have a memorable Christmas for his first year in Portelas.

After family, I very much like cooking, then Formula 1, then football. Everton v Manchester United is coming up soon. After that lot has been squeezed in, there is time for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

And by pure fluke we washed up in Luz. Before we did, I had no interest in the Madeleine McCann tale. After we did, I had no choice, because 49 stories out of 50 about Luz revolve around Madeleine.

A soupçon of brain, a splash of spare time, living in Maddieville. It’s a simple recipe.

You should have worked out by now that if I have dug the boule pitch, dug the vegetable patch, enjoy F1 and football, that I am male.

Does it make a difference? I have started today on my 2018 herb garden, because I like cooking good food. I have been working for some time on the 2018 F1 calendar, because for each race I want to lay in a representative local drink (typically beer), together with some local hand food – no plates, knives or forks permitted. I enjoy cooking. A drink, a snack, and F1. My idea of a good recipe.

In 2018, our family has a succession of significant birthdays. A ‘when I get older, losing my hair’. A 70th, two quick-fire 40ths, and a late season 21st. Then there is 11 Nov 2018, and we live on the farm of the poppy. Plus little things like the football and the F1.

Much to do. Much to do.

By the way, I was asked by an Algarve reporter, roughly 3 months ago, if I still do Luz Tours. I do. The person I was with was on one at the time. It had nothing to do with the reporter.

Madeleine – The Magnificent Six – introduction

It may look as if my blog is a bit quiet at the moment, but in reality I am working hard on a number of different ideas, including a ‘special’ for the 11th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance. This may be 6 months away, but there’s an awful lot of fact-checking and photo-gathering to be done before then. The 11th anniversary is a complete clash with an anniversary that is much more important to me, and I’m busy working on that one too.

The Magnificent Six is not simply a list of resources concerning the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. I use Pamalam a lot for the PJ Files, and a couple of well-known forums, but none of these features in The Magnificent Six. And I’m sure there is more than one worthy person who will not get a mention.

So what is/are The Magnificent Six?

This is a bunch of people who, in my opinion, have raised public understanding above and beyond the PJ Files, using a combination of effort, expertise, and ‘specialist’ skills. These people know a great deal more about the case than, for example, most media people involved in covering the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. And that is even when the better informed media teams are backed up by decent research teams.

What The Magnificent Six is not is some sort of organised group or a network of people co-operating on the case. Each of the Six goes his or her own way, and views on what might have happened are as diverse as the people making up the Six.

The common denominators are simple. An interest in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. An ability to converse in English. A willingness to do a lot of donkey work. An ability to make 2 + 2 = 4.

What I intend doing with The Magnificent Six is to bring you a small pen-portrait of each. This is harder than it sounds, because I want to wash out personal details that I have gleaned along the way. I do not research people’s personal backgrounds. I prefer to evaluate their contribution solely based on the quality of their contribution. However, I have gained an insight into the personal life of most if not all of The Magnificent Six, so there is a bit of an evaluation to make to discriminate between what The Six make public, and that which they would prefer to keep private.

Come back soon, because I will start on the easiest of The Magnificent Six to describe. That would be me, as I know what I am happy to make public, and what I would prefer to keep to myself.

Would you like to see the Farm of The Poppy? That’s where I live now. It is fast approaching the day of the poppy, so of course I’m active on that front too.