Madeleine – 10th – #8 – TV interviews

The time is around 9.48pm according to the church clock, and the interviews with Reverend Hubbard are underway.

Our gentleman in an orange T-shirt is there. The blonde-haired lady in the full length camel-coloured coat is, I believe, from Sky, as is the gentleman taking the video. As far as I can tell, Mr Brunt is engaged in conversation with 2 people just to the right of the church door. The CMTV team is still hard at it just to the left. In the centre with the backpack is Michael Havis from the UK media.

I have no idea who the people inside St Vincent’s are.

The grilling continues.

Martin Brunt appears to be enjoying his conversation with the couple behind.

I am interested in the technology deployed, for the simple reason that I would like to upgrade my own kit, though it will be nowhere near what you can see in the photo. But please notice a couple of points.

BBC and Sky appear to favour those big, fluffy microphones. The Portuguese media, however, appear to favour a hand-held microphone sporting their company logo.

The second point is that the man in orange appears to be using a hand-held microphone with no logo on it. I haven’t got a clue as to why.

Now it is the CMTV turn to interview Reverend Hubbard. The lady in black is back and she is holding up a red CMTV microphone, which is why I knew beforehand in this series that she was from CMTV.

What are the points to notice?

First, the video camera is giving off so much light that Reverend Hubbard’s face has almost disappeared from my photo.

Second, if you look at the shadows being cast, the dominant light is still the sodium street-lights.

Third, Mr Brunt appears to have bagged another couple to garner a sliver of information or a quote.


Madeleine – 10th – dodgy photos

This is what it looks like when a media scrum is awaiting the next important film shot. They don’t stand around taking a break, getting some peace and quiet. There are things to be done and communications to be made.

I have called this post ‘dodgy photos’ for a reason. I am trying hard to give you an accurate representation of what could be seen on 3 May 2007. I have the photo-edit tools to make these pictures look ‘professional’. But what I want to depict on 3 May 2017 is pure reality.

The time is around 9:10pm by the church clock.

What is dodgy about this photo? Just about everything. I kept trying to switch the flash on my camera off, but it was popping off left, right, and centre. The professionals were a league ahead with lighting, and no one complained, though I must have been a pain in the ass. Perhaps they get used to amateurs.

So what have got? Well, I lit up the gentleman on the left brighter than a Christmas tree. In the centre, the video recorder from Sky is hard at it on his mobile. Mr Brunt appears to be deep in his lines.

Please look very carefully at this pair. This is roughly the distance of the Jane Tanner sighting. What can you see? Mr cameraman is right handed. Mr Brunt is checking details whilst wearing sunglasses long after sundown.

At the rear is a perfect example of why cats eyes were invented. You cannot miss them.

The time is moving on. Have a careful look at the photo and work out what you can describe. I can tell colours, clothing, footwear. There are no white blobs in reality everywhere – that is just s**t on my lens.

This is what media people do whilst waiting for the next big photo opportunity. It’s heads craned, there are things to be checked. The gentleman on the left looks like he is checking out an alien from 1950s Area 51. I guess this is a trick of photography.

It’s 5am in Luz. The rubbish has just been picked up. The local cockerel is telling us all to get up. There is no sign of dawn on the horizon.

Madeleine – 10th – behind the scene

It is still only 9pm, according to the church clock. My camera makes it 9:06pm. This is getting very close to the time of the Jane Tanner sighting. You can see what you can see what you can see. The conditions are far from identical. There is much more sodium lighting here. There was a near full moon on 3 May 2017, just as there was on 3 May 2007, except this time the moon is overhead, and 10 years ago it had not risen.

Make your own mind up. At roughly the time of the Jane Tanner sighting on 3 May 2017, my colour vision was working perfectly. The lady in the yellow jacket has a yellow logo on her microphone. It looks like TVI to me, but I could be wrong. The point is the colours are not hard to see.

The next photo is what the media do when they wait.

They don’t wait. There is copy to be filled. There are colleagues in Lisbon and London to be consulted. There are lighting and sound levels to be checked. Back home, you lot take this for granted. I saw lots of people working really hard so you lot got yer sound bytes. The evening was only going to get tougher.

I like this photo a lot. I timed it at 9:09pm. But the reason I like it is it has the 3 VIPs. The first VIP is in the bottom right foreground is a pleasant gentleman who works for a syndicating agency in Lisbon. From Lisbon to Luz it is about 3 hours by car, ditto back. He had come down to Luz about a week before to put material in the can for his agency. Syndicating means they make their money by selling copy, photo, and video onwards to the world news services. He is is obviously a glutton for punishment, as he had done the 6 hour Lisbon-Luz-Lisbon round trip twice in one week.

The second VIP is Mr Martin Brunt from Sky. As Mr Brunt has been kind enough to correct me in my last post, he was indeed broadcasting live from Luz. I would like to hear that broadcast, but unfortunately I do not think I am going to get what I wish for. As you can see from my photo, Mr Brunt was deeply engaged with whatever was on the Sky script.

The third VIP stands for Very Important Pussy. You can see a tiny little black and white and cat that is looking like it is posing for me. The cat does not know me from Adam. I happen to have been told it is the church cat. But I am sorry, I have no idea what the cat’s name is.

Madeleine – 10th – Sky +

By now, the doors of the church had closed. Inside, the congregation got on with the service. Outside, the various reporting teams were working frantically. There was copy to be written and script to be rehearsed.

It was difficult to be sure quite who was who, but there were teams from Lisbon and teams from the UK.

Sky and Martin Brunt were definitely on site, outside the church, and with a plethora of kit. There was a van directly outside the church that I want to show to you. I think it was Sky, but I didn’t ask, so I can’t be certain.

It had Portuguese plates, was LHD, and had Portuguese documentation. It was a Mercedes. The sodium lights make things difficult colour-wise, but it was pure white to the eyeball. It was shining like an alien craft from Area 51 in Nevada. It had as much technology in the back as we have in our entire house.

The size of the satellite dish on top suggests this beasty can do live broadcasts all around Europe if need be. At this precise moment in time, 3 May 2017, the biggest programme going out was a BBC special Panorama on the 10th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance. As far as I could tell, no one was doing anything live that night. Martin Brunt was reading printed notes, doing a shot, going back to his notes, then another little piece etc. I presume this lot got edited and glued together into something much shorter and sharper.

While the congregation was inside and the media teams outside were working harder than a nest of ants, I had a quick look at 2017 technology. Here is what the van looked like on the inside.

I will try to take you through the teams I recognised on 3 May 2017. Please bear in mind I am not an expert on media teams, so if I get this about half-right, I consider I am doing quite well.