Madeleine – Nighthawk 1 Jun 2017

After the issues with my camera-work on the 10th anniversary, I wanted to go out and test a setting where my little camera should not fire the flash every time, in order to get closer to what the human eye sees. This is low-light mode, no flash. See what you think.

All photos are 1 June 2017, from around 10.10pm on.

This is roughly what Peter Smith saw as he passed Smithman on 3 May 2007. The most important thing is that all the lighting was coming from behind Smithman.

And this one is roughly what Smithman saw as he headed down Primary School Street that night. Please note again the lighting. There are 2 key sources. The street lamps are behind me. And another street lamp lighting up the junction with 25th April Street. The darkness is due to the building on the left blocking this light, then quite a lot of light at the bottom.

Now cast your beady eyes on that figure on the Lane of Little Steps. Right in the middle, that fuzzy figure is a gentleman heading downwards. The point is Smithman could see the Smith troupe coming from a long way off. He had every chance to avoid the Smith 9. He chose not to.

The next photo is from 25th of April Street down the Lane of Little Steps. You can still see the couple who were heading for their night out. The blue blob at the bottom is the Dolphin restaurant, where the Smiths had a South African meal before heading to Kelly’s for a nightcap.

Moving quickly on, because I was running late, this is the spot on 25th April Street where Sergey Malinka’s Audi was torched, with the word fala (speak) spray-painted in red on the pavement.

And here is my shot of St Vincent’s. This is what I wanted to check out. The truth is it is no better than the photos I got on 3 May 2017, but that tells me something.

Across the road the Ice Cream Factory was shutting up shop. Who wants ice cream at 10.20pm?

At the other end of the promenade, here is the refurbished Paraíso. It wasn’t the restaurant that caught my attention. It was the kids squealing with pleasure on the boardwalk on the beach.

This is what the good folks of Luz get up to on a night out. The sign says A Fábrica was opened in 2010, so don’t factor it into the Madeleine McCann story.

This place may well be quite important in the story of Madeleine’s disappearance, and I’ve got to say I am quite chuffed about this photo. The location is the junction of the beach road and the high street, Rua Direita. This is Clube Reacritivo Cultural e Desportivo Luzense. The recreational, cultural and sporting club of the people of Luz. It is one of just two particularly Portuguese places in Luz where Senhor Euclides Monteiro might have spent the evening of 3 May 2007.

It’s now 22.30pm. This is the Ocean Club 24hr reception. Except it is closed.

Above is Madeleine’s play-group area and the night crèche. Except it is closed.

The Ocean Club is dead.


Madeleine – Sky special – 2 May 2017

On 2 May 2017, Sky showed ‘Searching for Madeleine’, a special to mark the10th anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The presenter was Martin Brunt, who has followed the case for the 10 years since it began. The studio guest was Colin Sutton, an ex-DCI from Scotland Yard with experience of conducting major investigations.

The fist 10 minutes covered the basics. The holiday, the Tapas zone, the initial response to the incident by Portuguese police.

Sky News on 4 May 2007 ran with the story that a 3 year old British girl was missing on the Algarve. Pedro do Carmo, Deputy Director, Judicial Police, described the initial work as a rescue operation, looking for a child that was missing.

Here Sky hit its first wobbly. It says the apartment was let out twice before it was sealed off for a full forensic examination. The reality is different. The PJ from Portimão tried to collect forensic evidence in the very early hours of 4 May 2007. Irene Trovão, also a local forensic officer, was videoed checking the shutter of the children’s bedroom for fingerprints. And while Gerry and Kate McCann were giving their first witness statements, a forensics duo from Lisbon conducted the major forensic examination on the afternoon of 4 May 2007. The forensics had been done. There was no way to foresee the apartment should be sealed off until Eddie and Keela were deployed.

The centrepiece of the Sky programme was a Home Office report written by Jim Gamble, then head of CEOP, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

This documented the many organisations that were involved close to the beginning, and the difficulties this caused. Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary at the time, questioned if Leicestershire Police had the wherewithal to handle this type of investigation. Mr Gamble was asked to consider if it was worth getting Scotland Yard involved. Mr Gamble suggested a scoping review to identify if opportunities had been missed, but officials appeared to be set against this.

Mr Gamble was shocked to find the parents had not been investigated first by the Portuguese police, in order to clear the ground for further enquiries. He went on to say the Portuguese response was inadequate, but he used a comparison in the UK that does not approximate to the situation in Luz in 2007. I will return to that in a future post.

Colin Sutton made the point that a snapshot of the incident area was not constructed, and more could have been done by UK police re interviewing British holidaymakers who had returned to the UK, and British workers in the ‘complex’.

My main criticism of the early effort is that apparently little was done to get door-to-door information in the immediate vicinity of apartment 5A.

Sky went on to cover leaks to the Portuguese press, concerning dog alerts and supposed DNA results. Mr Sutton pointed out that dog alerts are not evidence.

The events around the McCanns being made arguidos, flying home to the UK, and removal of arguido status upon archiving of the case was covered.

There appeared to be a 3-way split between the McCanns, the Portuguese police and the UK police. The CEOP report then makes an odd assertion. It alleges the McCanns had a significant amount of information from their private investigators, and this information had not been fully shared with either the Portuguese police or the UK police. I cannot see how Mr Gamble could reach such a conclusion. Perhaps it is explained in the CEOP report, but I haven’t read that document.

Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police, explained there had been a discussion of the case in 2011 between the Prime Ministers of Portugal and the UK, and it was agreed that Scotland Yard would get involved.

The documentary then covered the remit. Colin Sutton explained that a fresh investigation should start right at the beginning. This echoes what was said by Jim Gamble. However, Operation Grange was to be restricted to abduction. AC Mark Rowley says parental involvement had been covered by the original Portuguese investigation. The recent Supreme Court decision made it clear this is not the case.

The Sky documentary moved on to the Jane Tanner sighting. Martin Brunt pointed out the obvious – namely if the man was coming from the Ocean Club night crèche, then he was going the wrong way. Jane Tanner’s rogatory statement pointed out this problem. If the night crèche closed at 11.30pm, It is actually more likely that at 9.15pm, the time of the Tanner sighting, he was heading towards the night crèche.

Scotland Yard presented two e-fits of a man carrying a child ‘towards the beach’. This of course was the Smith sighting at 10pm. Crimewatch 2013 did indeed state this man was heading towards the beach.

This suggests that Martin Brunt does not fully understand the Smith sighting. 12-year-old Aoife Smith’s statement does not fit with ‘towards the beach’. Should Mr Brunt ever return to Luz, I will be happy to show him why Aoife Smith’s statement strongly suggests ‘towards the beach’ is wrong. And why that man is likely to be Portuguese and innocent. Plus why that man is unlikely to come forward. And what needs to be done to get him to identify himself.

The documentary covered Operation Grange’s look at charity collectors. There is an easy test for this. The bogus ones do door-to-door, and disappear rapidly if they make some cash. The genuine ones go to the main thoroughfares and work there for hours on end.

Then Sky covered a burglary gone wrong. Whilst Operation Grange evaluated this as viable, Portuguese police did not think it likely.

The documentary moved to mobile phone data. The CEOP report says there was lots of it, but it was badly handled by Portuguese investigators. It had not been fully analysed, and the Portuguese should accept UK help. This sounds to me to be very over-simplistic, but I cannot be certain as I have not read the CEOP report.

Then the documentary moved to its weakest point, what can be extracted from that phone data. Nothing Colin Sutton said on this has much relevance to Luz on 3 May 2007.

As is normal, there were 3 cellphone operators in Luz – Optimus, TMN and Vodafone. Roughly speaking, each operator cuts Luz into a western half and an eastern half, and that is as much as you get. Was the cellphone active in Luz that night, and if so, was it in the west of Luz or the east.

Take for example Kate McCann. Her phone was active that night on Optimus antenna Luz 2. That antenna covers the east of Luz, and apartment 5A is indeed in the east of Luz. But the whole of the Ocean Club is in the eastern half of Luz, as is the majority of the commercial establishments e.g. the Mirage. I cannot tell from phone data if Kate was in or around 5A when her phone was active. The phone data is very rough.

Further, DCI Andy Redwood has said that a major obstacle to phone data analysis was PAYG phones.

4 people were made arguidos in July 2014, but have now been informed they are no longer persons of interest.

The new Portuguese investigation focussed on a series of sex attacks in the Algarve. It would appear most were on older children, but one was on a child aged 3. Euclides Monteiro, an ex-waiter at the Ocean Club, was identified by the Portuguese investigation as a suspect for the sex attacks. DNA tests ruled out Mr Monteiro. He had been killed in a tractor accident in 2009.

The Sky documentary examined the woke and wandered theory. Local ex-pat Mr John Ballinger provided some photos of the road works in Luz around that time. There was no examination as to why Kate McCann’s description of apartment 5A that night is a poor fit with woke and wandered.

Mr Brunt pointed out that there is no evidence to prove Madeleine came to any harm, so she may still be alive.

Have lessons been learned from the disappearance of Madeleine McCann? Jim Gamble and Alan Johnson think not.

The documentary covered some of the Internet abuse directed at Kate and Gerry. Two police investigations found no evidence of their involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance. The Sky investigation also found no such evidence.

It concluded that the mystery of what happened to Madeleine McCann remains just that. A mystery.

AC Mark Rowley said there is a significant line of enquiry that remains to be pursued, but would not divulge what it was.

On the armchair experts forum that I prefer, the general view was that little was learned from this Sky special. However, that is not the correct view to take, in my opinion. This programme was not aimed at a handful of amateur detectives. It was targeting the greater British public. And for those, I suspect the key point that was delivered was that roughly £12 million down the line, the investigation is fatally flawed because, despite what DCI Andy Redwood said, it did not start by going back to the very beginning.

Madeleine – short route from the crèche pt2

It has been pointed out to me that Kate McCann may have been using an alternative to this route, one that cuts through the Palm buildings to the north of the Ocean Club 24hr reception. I will need to do a bit of work on checking out the source, and then assessing whether it is a better route for nannies taking several children to High Tea.

Until then, let me continue with this route, which applies to Steve and Carolyn Carpenter on the evening of 3 May 2007.

Photo 14. The building on the left is Fuji Palms. The building to the right is Block 1. Straight ahead is the large grassy area with a palm tree in the middle. Now if I turn right, you can see that we are at …

Short route 14

Photo 15. … the south end of the road that runs between Block 1 (to the left) and Casa Liliana (to the right). The worst thing about this photo is it makes the road look like as wide as a highway, when it is not.

Short route 15

Photo 16. Continuing on, this is the large grassy area south of Block 1 where the kids probably played Olympic sports. It is also the route described by Stephen Carpenter as the one the family used to get home on 3 May 2007 (only going the opposite way).

Short route 16


Photo 17. This is a particularly poor photo of the rear of Block 1, but I don’t have anything better. Stephen Carpenter describes the semi-circular route on the way back to his apartment, and this is it.

Short route 17

Photo 18. Again pretty poor. Just moving on round south of Block 1.

Short route 18

Photo 19. This is nearly at the west end of Block 1 and it is time to jink between buildings.

Short route 19

Photo 20. Looking north at the gap between Block 1 on the right and Block 6 on the left. You can use this to get to the front of Block1 and Block 6 and out onto Rua Dr Agostinho da Silva, but I want the path to the south of Block 6, which you can just see on the left. These steps are the only steps on this route, and there is a light on the right.

Short route 20

Photo 21. Looking west along the path running along the south end of Block 6 to the street light in the car park. Apartment 606, where the Berry and Balu parties ate dinner together on the balcony on 3 May 2007, is the one sticking out at the top right.

Short route 21

Photo 22. This is a clearer view of the balcony of apartment 606. If you look at the other end of Block 6, it juts out to obscure most or all of the events occurring until searching started on 3 May 2007.

Short route 22

Photo 23. The view across the Tapas area to the car park.

Short route 23

Photo 24. From the path in the car park across to what the local reception looks like today.

Short route 24

At some point I need to go into Luz again and check whether you can see the balcony of apartment 606 from the entrance to the Tapas area, which will give me an idea of the potential field of vision of Neil Berry and Rajinder Balu.

I’m off on an adventure with a visitor this evening to see if we can bag a journalist or two, then it is probably going to be a look at the Smith sighting. But I hope to be around block 5 tomorrow to see what the media are up to on the 9th anniversary, so I should be able to check what can be seen from the balcony of apartment 606 at that time. The only issue I can foresee is that the forecast is very hot and sunny, which is not my idea of being good for trekking around Luz.

Madeleine – Crimewatch 2013 English transcript pt 3

19:06 DCI Andy Redwood

Please come in.

DCI Andy Redwood is leading the investigation.

Primarily what we sought to do from the beginning is trying to draw everything back to, to zero if you like, try and sort of take everything back to the beginning and then reanalyse and reassess everything, accepting nothing.

The work of detectives in re-examining thousands of documents paid off when they were finally given the green light to launch a full-blown inquiry.

19:42 Outside apartment 5A

What follows is the result of this painstaking new investigation by Scotland Yard’s elite detectives. The truest account yet of what really happened that night.

20:01 Apartment 5A

Tell me now about the crime scene itself.

Yes, I mean the family with their three children were in apartment G five A. This was on the edge of a sort of contained area which was known as the Ocean Club, within which there was a Tapas bar and swimming pools and tennis court. But the actual apartments where they were staying was outside that perimeter area and it was, effectively, from front and back, accessible to the public. The front door was accessed by a car park and then the rear entrance was a side set of steps that lead up and into a rear balcony area that go into and through patio doors.

Madeleine and her siblings, Sean and Amelie, were staying in the front bedroom which looked out onto the front car park. Errm, Madeleine was in a bed and the two children were in travel cots and between, between Madeleine’s bed and the bed that was nearest to the window.

20:55 The time line

The careful and critical analysis of the time line has been absolutely key. Primarily, we’re focussed on the area between 8:30 and 10. We know that at 8 thirty, that was the time that Mr and Mrs McCann went down to the Tapas area for their dinner and we know that around 10pm, that was when Mrs McCann found that Madeleine was missing.

21:18 The Tanner sighting

One of the most pivotal events on the time line was Jane Tanner’s sighting of a man carrying a child. He was walking in this spot just meters from where Madeleine had been sleeping. This man was widely thought to be Madeleine’s abductor but the team was taking nothing for granted

21:42 The Ocean Club night crèche

One of the things that we picked up very quickly was the fact that there was a night crèche that was operating from the main Ocean Club reception, and 8 families had left eleven children in there and one particular family we spoke to gave us information that was really interesting and exciting.

In fact I would say it was a, it was a revelation moment when having discussed with them what they were doing on the night they themselves believed that they could be the Tanner sighting.

22:12 Crèche dad 1

The British father had collected his two-year-old daughter from the crèche. He had been walking near the McCanns apartment: This is the actual photograph taken by Metropolitan Police officers of the man dressed in the kind of clothes he wore on holiday. This image was compared to the artist’s impression.

It is uncannily similar, and we know that the pyjamas that their child was wearing that it is again is uncannily striking, the similarity.

22:48 Crèche dad 2

So, what you’re saying is, that the timing that everyone was working on for years in this case was wrong.

We are almost certain now that this sighting is not the abductor but very importantly what it says is that from 9:15, we were able to allow the clock to continue to move forward. And in doing so things that have not been quite as significant, or received quite the same degree of attention, are now the centre of our focus.

This was an enormous discovery for the team, an innocent explanation for the suspect who’d been at the centre the case the six years.

23:27 The Smith sighting

Their attention quickly turned to another sighting which could now be the key to the entire mystery.

It was here at 10pm that an Irish family witnessed another man carrying a child. They saw him come down the hill from the direction of the Ocean Club heading that way towards the beach.

Could this have been Madeleine and her abductor?

He was a white man with brown hair. And the child that he had in his arms was described as being about three to four years and with blonde hair possibly wearing pyjamas, a description very close to that of Madeleine McCann.

24:08 The Smith e-fits

Two of the witnesses helped create e-fits of the man they saw.

Today for the first time we can reveal the true significance of these images.

This could be the man that took Madeleine, but very importantly there could be an innocent explanation.

The e-fits are clear and I’d ask the public to look very carefully at them. If they know who this person is, please come forward.

24:36 Other sightings of interest

As part of their exhaustive investigation, the detectives are particularly interested in a number of blond-haired men who were seen near the McCanns apartment.

Do they hold the answer to her disappearance?

24:55 Other sightings of interest

One witness saw a fair-haired man near the McCanns apartment twice. On the first occasion, she saw him standing on the path that runs behind the block. The second time, near the entrance to the Tapas restaurant looking towards apartment G 5 A.

On the day Madeleine disappeared, two men were seen on the balcony of a nearby empty apartment, believed to be 5C, two doors down from the McCanns.

A man was also seen in the same area two hours later.

At 6pm, a man was seen in the stairwell in the McCanns apartment block.

And an hour after Madeleine was reported missing, two men were seen speaking with raised voices. When they saw the witness, they walked away talking in hushed tones.

25:55 The importance of the sightings

How important are these sightings, do you think?

Madeleine McCann’s disappearance does, on one reading of the evidence, have the hallmarks of a pre-planned abduction. That would undoubtedly have involved reconnaissance, and so we’re really keen to understand who these people were.

They may all be separate. So it’s really important this evening to say to the public that if you recognize yourself then please have the courage to come forward, because it’s really important for us to eliminate any sightings that are innocent and nothing to do with Madeleine’s disappearance.

26:28 The burglaries

As well as that line of inquiry, and the sighting by the Irish family of a man carrying a child, the police are also looking at a third important strand of their investigation.

We have noticed that there was, between January and the time Madeleine went missing, a four-fold increase in the number of burglaries that were taking place in the vicinity.

In the three weeks prior to her disappearance, two incidents took place in the very block when Madeleine slept. In both, windows were used to gain access.

Possibly, there is a scenario where Madeleine could have possibly disturbed somebody trying to commit a burglary.

To date, nobody has been caught for these crimes.

Madeleine – Golden hours – Amy Tierney

Amy Tierney was the supervisor of the Baby Club and of the group Madeleine was in, the Mini Club.

Amy says she was on duty that night, and the only ‘duty’ required by the Ocean Club was the Ocean Club night crèche, one would assume she was in the 24 hour reception area. However, in a second statement, Amy would state that she worked on a desk in the Tapas bar. She also appears to have been one of or the most senior member of staff on duty.

Without stating how she found out, Amy immediately went to apartment 5A and entered via the patio door. She search the apartment to make sure that Madeleine was not hiding.

Then Amy’s statement is vague, saying that outside searches were initiated, without saying what the time was or who did what.

Amy says Gerry McCann went to reception to get the police called as soon as the child’s disappearance had occurred, and that 20 minutes had passed since then. This does not tally with Kate’s book Madeleine, in which Gerry visited the Mini Club to see if Madeleine had gone there.

Lyndsay Johnson, the overall supervisor of the childcare facilities, stated that she was called by Amy Tierney, and that the missing child procedure was started around 9:25pm. Amy Tierney does not mention calling Lyndsay.

Around a year later, Amy gave a second statement to clarify where the photos of Madeleine distributed that night originated. She was at her desk in the Tapas bar when Russell O’Brien wanted to get photographs printed. Amy went to her room, returned with her printer, and made 20-30 copies. She thought this took place around midnight. The Golden Hours had already ended.

Luz crime statistics c2007

The following comes from a travel review site. I have left it with the original spelling and capitalisation mistakes. I put the post in italics simply to make it clear what this commentator wrote at that time, and what I am writing now.

this has to be the worst holiday we have ever had. arrived on a sunday, three hour plus transfer, make sure you use the loo at airport before going on the bus to the resort. when we arrived we were greeted by the most rude male receptionist who hurried us through the booking in process and our bags were loaded into a van which took us up to the back or top of the holiday village, there are many steep hills and quite a distance to walk back to the main street where what little there is to do is situated. once in the appartment which i might add was very nice we decided to wait until the next day and ask to be shifted down hill. that night we had a prowler in the garden standing watching us, when we reported this to the rep she dismissed it as being a security guard, we knew it wasn’t as we saw his clothing which was nothing like the other guards, later during the week we met another family who were staying just along from us and on the same night a couple of hours after they were broken into whilst they were in bed and had some money stolen. the next day we got shifted to another apartment in which we would feel safer.

we agreed to take the new apartment and it was not until we acutally lived in it that we realised that it was to put it politely – sub standard, dirty, smelly. rather than bore you about our accomodation, watch out if you put a bad comment in the comment book, one of our friends noticed a bad comment made by another guest and told us about it, she said it sounded exactly like the many complaints we had, next day the page was ripped out. sheet’s were never changed, towels only changed once on day 5, you are supplied with one toilet roll and then told you have to buy your own for the rest of your stay.

once out, it is hard to find a good place to eat, everything is the same and if you are a vegitarian, then i hope you like veg. soup and veg pasta because that is all you will find.

the resort is unusually quiet not much for the holiday maker to do, although a visit to lagos is a refreshing change as there is life there and some nice places to eat.

i would never go back to luz and all i can say is that whoever owns the apartment g 1 c that has a welsh dragon tile outside the apartment, you know who you are, you should be ashamed of yourself”

Submitted by mags bruce, 22 September 2008

The comment is at

I was looking for information on how Ocean Club systems worked in 2006, and there is information about that on the same page, but that is reserved for a different post.

What can I say about this complaint? The first and most obvious point is that review sites are open to manipulation and it is impossible to verify the accuracy or otherwise of this comment.

If Mags Bruce was located to the north end of the Ocean Club, it would mean she her first apartment was north of the Millennium. That is the only part of the complex that fits. It is certainly a fair walk to the beach from there and Luz is hilly, so a fair bit of energy is required.

Some of the comment sounds simply like a bit of venting steam. Menu choice at the time was South African, Indian, Portuguese, Italian, English and Chinese. If you can’t get variety or a veggie out of these, I am at a loss to know what it takes.

Other comments are incorrect, though I can understand why. The owner of the apartment in question, Welsh dragon with G1C, would have been required to keep the property infrastructure, plus fittings and furnishings, up to a reasonable standard. Mags comments about G1C, re dirty, smelly, sheets changed on day 5, and only 1 roll of toilet paper provided, these are all the responsibility of the Ocean Club, not the owner.

The comment about Luz being quiet I would file into my true cabinet. If you don’t know about Luz, it seems like the sea, the beach, the sun, some places to eat, and nothing else. If you know anything about Luz, that perspective changes – late night bars, singing, dancing.

Here’s a small note for you. G1C is in the ground floor of block 1 on Rua Dr Agostinho. The blocks on the south side of this road were labelled, from west to east, G4, G5, G6 and G1. Mags stinky apartment was less than 100m from apartment 5A. The prowler had to be 700m plus away.

If you scroll down a bit further on the same link, you get the following. Again I have put it in italics to show what the original poster stated, and again I have not corrected or altered anything.

My family and i have just returned from our holiday.with Thomas cook oceon club apartments praia da luz algarve portugal we got there on the 19th aug and by the 20th we had been burgled we found out later 3 other familys had allso been burgled from the same apartmentents praia da luz reminds me of alcatraz everywere you turn there are metal shutters and bars over every window. make sure you get a safty deposit box at reception as soon as you arrive .praia da luz is more for older couples with out children very quiet lots of resturants with great food at a good price however if your looking to find bars with sum music you will be looking for 2 weeks and you still wont find any

Submitted by pearl beniston and family – birminham/sandwell Submitted 1st September 2006.

Other reviews of the Ocean Club are much more positive. The one for Ocean Villas is positively glowing. It is therefore important to point out that Ocean Villas is not part of the Ocean Club.

It would be great if I have got this wrong. In that instance, Smithman’s path would make excellent sense. He had taken his child out of the Ocean Club night crèche on Rua Direita, made a sensible diversion to the north, in order to avoid the roadworks on Rua Direita/Baptista, and was taking a logical route to Ocean Villas.

That would be Smithman solved, were it not for two problems. Ocean Villas is not part of the Ocean Club. And Andy Redwood did not find Smithman in the Ocean Club night crèche register. Oh, and Smithman, an innocent in this version, has not come forward in 8 years to rule himself out.

I am now trying to think what Andy Redwood said of the crime scene around Luz on the Crimewatch of late 2013.

I recollect it was to the effect that burglaries in the vicinity had gone up four-fold in the early months of 2007. If the prowler & burglary report of Mags in 2008, and the 4 burglaries report from Pearl Beniston in 2006 are accurate, then DCI Redwood is making Luz the crime capital of the universe.

At the moment, I am suspecting that these pieces do not fit together properly, but who knows.

Edit 15 May 2015.  The current complaint system is a book, numbered pages, with 3 pages/copies per complaint.  Top copy goes to complainant, middle copy must be sent to a local official, 3rd copy is kept in the book.  I do NOT know what was in place in 2006/2007/2008, but a three-part copy system with numbered pages does not sound like rocket science.  Ripping a page out is definitely not feasible.

Madeleine – was Luz quiet – Rua Direita

On first consideration, carrying Madeleine along Rua Direita appears to be madness. Rua Direita is/was a major traffic artery in Luz, even when the civil improvements were underway. However, the Ocean Club night crèche is on Rua Direita, so the sight of children being carried to the crèche or away from the créche would not be seen as abnormal.

What Rua Direita is not a good fit with is Smithman. Even though the alarm seems to have been raised at the crèche remarkably early, at walking pace Smithman would be beyond the crèche before that. The problem is making sense of a long anticlockwise route to get to Rua Direita, when a shorter, direct route is possible.

The long route also takes Smithman past a fair number of establishments, whilst these are avoided on the short route.

From left to right, the following have been added, near to Rua Direita.

Green – Baptista supermarket – its opening hours don’t extend to that time of night.

Amber – the Plough and Farrow pub/restaurant; Luz social club; Cafè Jasmim; Ondaluz restaurant; and Panini’s restaurant.

White – Chicca’s café/restaurant – it was refurbished in 2007, so I don’t know whether it was open or closed for the upgrade.

Luz Establishments M4