Portelas v Venus

This is a photo of our garden in Portelas, taken around dawn a few days ago.

Our land backs onto acres of farmland, then in in the distance on the hills sits a set of uninspiring blocks of flats. They are the orange blobby things on the horizon. The N125 from Lagos to Odiáxere runs just the other side of those hills.

The orange illuminating the flats comes from street lights. We also have orange street lights, but they are at the front of the house. Here, at the rear, we have kilometres of zero street lights before those flats. Not quite perfect darkness, but the best I have seen in my life.

And that is why I could use my little camera to take a photo of Venus, which is is the tiny white blob in the middle of the picture.

The larger orange layer is due to the fact that the sun was emerging from the horizon to our east. Probably at this time of year it is east-south-east, or similar. But as I am not an astronomer, I will not quibble.

Indeed, I had to look up on the Internet that the brightest object in the sky, after the Sun and Moon, was Venus. Otherwise I was just looking at a bright white blob. Now I know the blob as Venus.

I won’t be doing a great deal of astronomy. I don’t have the kit for it, and unfortunately I don’t have the eyes any more. But as this better than average view is now available, I might as well get some use out of it.


Madeleine – Luz Tour #7

Luz Tour #7 is over and my visitor has returned safely to home, many miles distant.

Today was a pleasant sunny afternoon in Portelas, and my family prepared for an Autumn barbecue with a friend who has decided, after 25 years in Portugal, to sell up and head back for the cold and rain of England.

Luz Tour #7 was very short. It consisted of a morning in Lagos, where we failed to make contact with two people of interest, so while it was a pleasant exploration, it was a bit of a washout.

Then there was a short evening stroll in Luz, to have a look at a couple of places that were unearthed on the 10th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance. Again, apart from looking at much that you can see on Google Streetview, what I picked up was very little.

As it so happened, we were headed to a meeting, from which I gained a fair amount. But that meeting was not part of Luz Tour #7, so I won’t gossip about what I learned on this occasion.

Madeleine v burglaries and drugs

While I was looking for something else entirely, I found this.  I prefer not to take the time to work it up to a full article.  What struck me was 1) Portimão and Lagos got the PSP (uniform officers for built up areas) whilst Luz got the GNR (uniform officers for non-built up areas, even though the local GNR station is in Lagos).

2) The rampant burglaries and drugs scene in the locality (or not if you prefer), but no mention of crime ridden Luz.  I wonder where the GNR site is? Maybe that would tell me about crime in Luz?

Nice pic of the promenade at Portimão.

Portimão promenade
Portimão promenade

The article is at http://www.safecommunitiesalgarve.com/psp/portimao-police-division/

Unless this article is lying through its teeth, I am just not getting the Scotland Yard idea of rampant burglaries, the S&S idea of rampant burglaries, or the media idea that Luz is awash with drugs.