Madeleine – broadcasting live from Portelas

I am now broadcasting live from Portelas. All of our goods and chattel have been moved in, so we no longer live in Luz. The last main task remaining in Luz is that the cleaners come to our empty villa there. It has already had a level 1 clean, but this will be a deep clean.

When I say ‘we’, what I really mean is ‘I’. My better half is currently marooned in the UK for a gallstone operation. This is scheduled for 1 Sep 2017, and then there a 2-week recuperation period until a flight back to Faro is permitted (re threat of DVT). I trust you will understand that Madeleine is not one of my priorities at the moment.

What does the change mean in Madeleine terms?

The biggest difference is that I cannot wander down into Luz and hope to perchance upon anyone involved in the case or to snap piccies. Luz is 15 minutes away by car if you choose the short route. Today, my chauffeur took the back roads route. It was much slower but much more scenic.

There are smaller changes. Our new home does not have a land-line. And I detest mobiles. That means communication by phone is a no go. So it is just well our Internet in Portelas is fully functional. I spent a fair bit of time talking to a Panorama 10-year special researcher in the run-up to the programme. It looks like I am going to have to install something like Skype.

The news with similarity to the Madeleine incident is, of course, occurring in France at the moment. I simply do not have the time or energy to say something worthwhile on that topic at this point in time. I need to move in.


Best British bangers

There is a story on the BBC today that I want to bring you to contrast how we treat Portuguese wild pigs and how the British treat their piglets. As you have seen, our wild pigs nip down to the beach when it is hot, to have a paddle in the sea and cool down. What is it the British do with their piglets?

First of all, there was a fire in a hay barn, so the British firemen rushed out to extinguish the fire And in so doing rescued the pigs and piglets from incineration.

What happens after this altruism?

The piglets got fattened up for about 6 months, then sent to the abattoir to get slaughtered.

Then the grateful farmer sent the firemen a platter of pork sausages, by way of thanks. And what did the firemen do? Yes, they grilled the little piggy sausages on a barbecue.

The Three Little Pigs

August is holiday season in Portugal, and that means heading to the seaside so one can cool down.

And the 3 little pigs decided to do exactly the same.

‘The beaches of Portinho da Arrábida and Galapinhos, in the council of Setúbal, were yesterday invaded by wild boars. The appearance of the animals no longer shocks the population, says Pedro Vieira, a leader of the Clube da Arrábida association, adding that “every year the same happens because there are many wild boars in the Serra da Arrábida and at the moment, in a period of drought so great , the animals go down to the beach, looking for food and water.”‘

Setúbal is a little way south of Lisbon. The Parque Natural de Arrábida is exactly what it says on the tin – it is a natural park, hence wild boars. It seems the wild pigs are scroungers that will rummage through the rubbish. But I doubt the pigs went down to the beach for either food or water. Portuguese beaches are not littered with discarded food. And I very much doubt that pigs drink salty sea water.

It looks to me as if the piggies simply wanted to cool off in the scorching summer sun, just like the locals and tourists.


Barlavento news – grenade on Porto de Mós beach

An old but active hand-grenade was found by a couple of strollers on the beach at Porto de Mós. This is just the other side of Rocha Negra from Luz.

Just so you know what a 50 year old Portuguese hand grenade looks like, here is a photo of the object.

There isn’t any information about the couple of walkers in the news report, but they definitely know more about Portuguese munitions than I do.

A call to the authorities produced a quick response. “It was an explosive device about 50 years old,” said Captain Conceição Duarte, of the Port Authority of Lagos. The marines did not evacuate the beach as it was far away from the popular area. They set up an exclusion zone of about 300m around the device, and carried out a controlled explosion.

This is roughly the area in which the device was found, close to Rocha Negra.

Porto de Mós does have a bearing on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, but this story raises a different aspect. For those who tinker with the body-buried-on-beach idea, here is the reality.

This story is about a 50 year old hand grenade, a small object. It might have been buried in the sand and became exposed. It might have washed up from the sea. The truth is, I don’t know.

What I do know is that in this quiet cul-de-sac of Portugal, a very small device was found by a couple out walking. Porto de Mós beach is frequented by walkers, just like the beach at Luz. There is no hiding anything anywhere here, at least until you have a lot of knowledge where not to hide it.

Barlavento news – earthquake north of Lisbon

There was an earthquake of magnitude 4.3 on the Richter scale today (17 Aug 2017) at 7.44am, just north-east of Sobral de Monte Agraço, around 35km from Lisbon.

At the moment, news channels are reporting that no-one has been hurt and no damage caused.

Portugal lies on the border of the African and EuroAsian tectonic plates. As they grind across each other, earthquakes are frequent but they are usually small.

The one that devastated Lisbon and other towns in Portugal in 1755 is estimated to have been at least 10,000 times more powerful.

Like Lisbon, much of the western Algarve suffered badly in the ensuing tsunami.

Madeleine – my vacation from MoJ

I am taking a voluntary break from the Miscarriage of Justice Forum for a month, so I will not be covering any developments in the Madeleine McCann case that might be discussed on MoJ during my absence.

How did this situation arise?

I got warning points for NOT disclosing personal information about another user. Let me repeat that. I did NOT disclose personal information about this user, but I got warning points as if I had.

To clarify this confusion, the user in question was Erngath. The sequence went as follows. User Sadie published two pieces of personal information about Erngath on MoJ. Since these remained on the forum, I would assume these have been divulged by Erngath in the past, though I don’t actually know where Sadie got them from.

Then I posted a news story about a car crash on the Algarve, in the MoJ thread for news from the Algarve. Erngath objected to this. There was a bit of a to and fro on whether my post was appropriate.

Shortly afterwards, Erngath self-published as a ‘supporter’ of the McCanns. I politely requested permission from Erngath that I might therefore in future use the term supporter to describe him/her. Erngath agreed to this.

Another ‘supporter’ queried why I was requesting permission. I explained that I consider ‘supporter’ and ‘sceptic’ to be connotative terms, not to be used lightly, just as I would not use any other personal information about Erngath. Please note, to date I had not disclosed any personal information whatsoever. I simply had an agreement that I was now OK to classify Erngath as a supporter.

It was at this point that Erngath complained formally to the MoJ that I had gleaned further personal information. That further personal information was/is posted by Sadie in open forum on MoJ, and I have NEVER repeated it.

So I have been punished for Sadie’s sins. But the story gets even better.

Having decided to make a formal complaint about my post, Erngath decided to dump into open forum a large slab of personal details, and AFAIK that pen-portrait is still there, should anyone care to know about Erngath.

I don’t suffer fools gladly. Moaning about NON-publication of personal details, then posting up a string of personal interests is one thing and one thing only. It is blatant cheating. It is akin to a football player who tries to con the referee with a dive in the penalty area.

Just add a final twist to the tale, Erngath had been moaning about deletion of posts. The thread is in an open forum in the admin section, so anyone can check it. What you will find is how I weighed in on behalf of the mods. It was literally as I hit send on that post that the forum told me I had been awarded warning points.

Shades of Diego Maradona and the hand of mods!

Please note that to date, the only personal detail I have published re Erngath is that for which I was given explicit permission by Erngath.

What difference does my month off from the MoJ make? Very little, in reality.

There is very little of interest happening re Madeleine McCann in the MSM. The date for an appeal to the ECHR is approaching, but I assume it will simply come and go. The date for a further tranche of funding is approaching, and I dare say we will learn what Operation Grange has got for the next slog.

MoJ will get less on the thread for news from the Algarve. There is another news story from the Algarve today, but who cares? People who can read Portuguese will find it. Those who can’t wont. It happens to have no relevance to the McCann case, and I have no intention of acting as a substitute for an MoJ thread.

That leaves local activity. There are 3 people I would like to meet in and around Luz in the next month or so. Perhaps I will get to speak to them. Perhaps I won’t. But anything I do get will be published on this blog rather than MoJ, which is exactly what would have happened if I was not having a break from MoJ.

Portelas – moving – 21% – please do not switch off

There is very little happening on the Madeleine McCann front at the moment. I am currently working hard to get us moved out of Luz and into Portelas, just north of Lagos.

My better half is struggling with a domestic issue in Inglaterra, so has a flight planned ‘home’, plus is quite possibly suffering from gallstones, which may require keyhole surgery.

Hopefully, you will understand that my priorities do not involve Madeleine at this point in time.

We have to be out of Luz by the end of August. I intend to be up and active again on this blog by then. But please bear with me while we install a new location and reconfigure.

Kindly come with me and join us in our new home in Portelas.