SIL – return to Luz, and Hot Lips

On Friday 8 June 2018, I made my first return to Luz since moving out at the end of August 2017. We needed to visit because my wife gets special prescription medicine delivered to one of the chemists in Luz, so we went to pick it up.

I’ve got to say after my visit that I really haven’t missed Luz at all.

While there, I went to Spar and Baptista supermarkets. I follow Formula 1, and this weekend’s race is in Montreal. I like to do themed beer and a themed snack, so I was looking for Canadian-related goodies.

The snack was easy. A popular local dish in Quebec is poutine, which is chips, cheese curds and gravy. Don’t turn your nose up at this until you have tried it. It tastes better than it sounds, and better than it looks.

I don’t know where to source cheese curds, so I am using cottage cheese, which I bought in Baptista. The USP of cheese curds is that they are squeaky, but making my own cheese curds was a non-starter. It seems the curds only keep the squeak for a few hours anyway.

On the drinks front, the largest genuinely-Canadian brewery does Moosehead, which I have never seen in Portugal. I thought I had seen another Canadian favourite, Labatts, but I couldn’t find any of that yesterday.

The fallback position was Heineken, simply because it is the Heineken Canadian Grand Prix. However, neither Spar nor Baptista sold Heineken, so we had to stop off at Continente supermarket in Lagos on the way back from Luz.

My visit to Spar in Luz did unearth some valuables. The supermarket stocks various British beers, so I have laid in advance supplies for the British Grand Prix.

The other thing that caught my eye was a bottle of Hot Lips red wine. I thought about buying a bottle, just as a joke re Hot Lips Healy. At €3.69 it was inexpensive. Then I rechecked the price tag to find it was €36.95, so I decided to pass.

It seems the wine is made by a couple of young wine producers in Portugal. So here is Portugal’s take on Hot Lips.

This was the first time we had both gone out and left our puppy, Gonçalo, completely on his own. He was a bit plaintiff when we put him in his cage in the daytime, and we were out for two hours, but he seemed to be quite OK when we returned.


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