Wednesday morning at 6 o’clock

Wednesday morning at 6 o’clock as the day begins.

I was up, out of bed, doing my ablutions, and sorting out Gonçalo’s overnight ‘presents’ and his breakfast. The overnight washing was put out to dry on another day of fine Algarve sun. What Gonçalo had messed up was put into the washing machine. The kettle was boiled ready for an early morning cup of tea.

My beloved rose at 6.30 am, in time for a shower and to finalise the packing.

Yellowfish was booked for 7 am. Yellowfish is the taxi service we use on the run to and from Faro airport.

The timing is interesting. Adding up the journey time and the check-in time, the flight home can hardly be described as early morning. There is no rapid access to the A22 from here. One has to hack about a bit. Consequently, the journey to Faro airport must be similar in duration to the one made by the Smiths on 4 May 2007. Luz has more rapid access to the A22.

I don’t consider 6 am (myself) or 6.30 am (my better half) to be described as a very early start (Martin Smith).

The main possible difference is that my beloved is flying to southern England, whereas the Smith family was flying to the Republic of Ireland. Although I can’t see why flights to Ireland should be significantly earlier than those to England.

My beloved is flying home with our granddaughter, so at 6.50 am, she knocked on the door to say she was ready. Gonçalo has already worked out we have a normal schedule and this was breaking it, so he knew something was up.

Wednesday morning at 7 am and the sun was rising in a clear, azure sky. Yellowfish had turned up 5 minutes early, so there was just time for a couple more swigs of tea, a farewell hug, then my beloved plus granddaughter got into the people carrier, and headed off on the journey to England.

This means I am alone, or rather with Gonçalo, for the next 5 days. I have some stories relevant to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann simmering on the back burner, so if Gonçalo is quiet, perhaps I will get the time to publish those soon.

Wednesday morning at 9 am. It’s time to publish this story, crack on with more housework, and spend some minutes amusing Gonçalo.


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