Gonçalo v April rain 2018

Gonçalo has now settled in. He still has to meet the Sky dog, and that meeting is planned for this weekend, but that is the only main event left.

However, he is 3.5 months old and still very much in puppy mode. That means chewing everything within his reach, including stones, snails and electricity cables. It also means biting the humans who occupy ‘his’ space.

We were advised that as Gonçalo is a Cocker Spaniel, he needs lots of exercise to burn off some of his energy. That does seem to settle him down a bit.

The issue is the April rain in the Algarve. Here is today’s.

On Tuesday, it poured down for the whole day, and Gonçalo only had a few minutes outside. Yesterday was better, so I tried walking his legs off, because I knew what was coming in from the Atlantic. Today has been mainly a downpour day, so Gonçalo has been mostly inside, which does not suit him.

Portugal had its second wettest March since 1931, according to official records. That’s great for the reservoirs, but we need a dry break or two. April seems to be continuing on where March left off. Probably it’s an El Niño or a La Niña year, whichever brings the rain.

There is a little bit of sunshine at the moment, so I am going to grab the chance to get him into our garden and let off some steam.


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