Madeleine v Gonçalo Easter 2018

Our dog, Gonçalo, had its final set of inoculations a few days ago. The vet advised us that the puppy should not be let out until Easter weekend.

Gonçalo pees and poos for Portugal, indoors he is not to be let out yet. Plus, when he first arrived, he was not happy sleeping overnight in a strange room. He yipped and yapped constantly. Now we have him in a large cage where he can hear us, so he sleeps fine in the night. One problem down, several to go.

The secret to a dog’s brain is through his stomach. This is Gonçalo saying ‘where is the food?’

I intend to have a trained dog. That mean the basics, like peeing and pooing outside. And at the moment the puppy is teething, so it is trying to eat everything, including us. That will stop.

I intend having a dog that walks alongside me without the need for a leash. And one that sits beside me peacefully in the Algarve sun. Something like Gonçalo here.


3 thoughts on “Madeleine v Gonçalo Easter 2018

  1. “But what I want is a victim recovery dog. I would like the dog to be able to give two different alerts, one for dead and one for alive.”
    Forget about that, Sil, Actually it is thanks to observing rescue dogs that the idea came to select cadaver dogs. Some dogs, instead of alerting to alive victims, were attracted by dead ones. This caused a huge loss of time, meanwhile victims would die or get worse. This is why selecting started. They would first send the dogs attracted by life scents and after 2/3 days would send the “cadaver dogs”.
    If you intend to train Gonçalo with pig’s remains, don’t go to the butcher, but try to find someone whose pig died accidentally to give you some remains that you will bury. If Gonçalo runs away from it, he has obviously no vocation for detecting death. In the slaughterhouse the animals suffer special treatments which turn impossible to use a piece of rotten meat as a substitute to train a cadaver dog.

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