Madeleine v Gonçalo #1

We have a new arrival in our family. It became mine yesterday. I am getting old now, but for the first time in my life I have my own puppy.

The dog came to us by an odd route. Two days ago there was a French Bulldog up for adoption in Aqua (a shopping centre in Portimão), with a rescue centre. I didn’t want a bulldog, but our email address was exchanged. The same afternoon, we got an email saying a Cocker had just come up for adoption. Cocker is the Portuguese for Cocker Spaniel. We requested photos of the puppy. They came in that evening, after the rescue centre had shut. We decided we would have the puppy, and sent them a message we would pick the dog up in the morning.

By the time yesterday morning came, we were told we were too late, as another family had reserved the puppy. I was not too down-hearted. If I was not meant to have that puppy, I was not meant to have that puppy.

Early yesterday morning we were told the family that had reserved the puppy had not turned up. Did we still want the puppy? A ‘high speed’ dash along the EN125 to Portimão ensued. And so we now have ‘my’ puppy.

The puppy is now called Gonçalo.

We went through a long list of names when it became known I wanted my own dog. I am going to train the dog in Portuguese language, so I preferred a Portuguese name.

My first choice was Eduardo, but my better half insisted that would be shortened to Eddie, which I don’t want.

The dog was born on 31st December 2017, so my next offering was Xmas. That got rejected as being stupid.

And so I have settled on Gonçalo. It seems a ‘ç’ is hard to text on a mobile, so I was asked if I could change it to a z or an s instead? But it is a Portuguese puppy, so I am insisting on the Portuguese spelling, and my puppy is now Gonçalo.

Here is Gonçalo on 17 Mar 2018.

We have been told we are not to take the dog outside of the house until around 1 May 2018, due to the risk of various diseases, including rabies. That’s OK at the moment because on 17 Mar 2018 it was t***ing it down in Portelas.

But we’ll see when the weather improves.


3 thoughts on “Madeleine v Gonçalo #1

  1. “The process was that the rubbish in Luz was collected, taken to Portelas (N of Lagos), dumped on the ground, transferred by a JCB to a larger lorry and taken to Porto de Lagos, where it was processed.”

    How can you invent such a thing, Sil ?

  2. It’s not a question of “alternative fact”, Trump isn’t at stake here. I did send you links some time ago and even mentioned the fundamental (this is a cost issue) transfer stations where garbage is compacted, that you insist to ignore.
    It is just logical that the tourism industry, if not the European Commission, requests from Portugal a perfect managing of the urban residues.

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