Madeleine – body in Rio Tinto near Porto

One of the distinctive features in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is the difference in capability of visitors, such as Kate and Gerry McCann, to conceal or dispose of a corpse, and that of locals, be they Portuguese or ex-pats.

This story today in Correio da Manhã caught my eye. It is behind a pay-wall, so I only have the headlines.

A corpse has been found in a wall of a house in Rio Tinto. This is near or in Porto – see the map.

There is very little information outside of the pay-wall, but the house appears to be terraced.

I don’t know if the relevant wall is external or internal. I don’t know if the corpse is that of a child or an adult. The only other information is that parts or all of the body were wrapped in a newspaper dating to 1970. Unless someone had kept an old newspaper, it is likely that this death dates back to around 1970. That would give a cold case just short of 50 years.

One the most important dates in Portugal’s history is 1974, when the Salazar regime was overthrown.

Quite how one gets a body into a wall in a house in Portugal is baffling me. My experience of workmen is that they are seldom working alone or unsupervised, so this method of body concealment is quite puzzling.


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