ATP – raspberries in January

Here is a photo of an empty container for soft fruit. Raspberries. What do you see?

It is winter in Portugal. It is what I would now call cold. I assumed these raspberries were airlifted in from Brazil or Angola, both previously Portuguese colonies, and both in the southern climate summer.

A check on the back of the back of the box says they came from Driscoll’s of Europe, based in the Netherlands.

These berries get shipped to the UK, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, Norway, Spain, Poland, and wherever SE it is that calls them hallon. Sweden?

All very interesting but the bit that grabbed me is in the photo. These are raspberries grown in Portugal to reach full ripeness by the end of January. Raspberries in January.

My elder grandson loves raspberries, but AFAIK raspberries are tough to grow. It seems I am going to have to do a bit of digging on this topic. Personally, I am a strawberry person. Such is life.

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