Madeleine – Magnificent Six – G-Unit

The next member of my Magnificent Six goes by the username G-Unit.

I believe that G-Unit is mono-lingual, or at least does not speak Portuguese, with English as the primary language.

G-Unit describes herself as female, which makes it a bit easier for me as I can now use the pronoun ‘she’.

An interesting personal characteristic of G-Unit is that she was adopted at an early age, and consequently she has a better insight into first childhood memories than I have. The Madeleine McCann case is not identical in this respect, as Madeleine has been the subject of relentless publicity for the last 11 years or so. But it does give an insight into what one remembers, and what triggers the recall of earliest memories.

However, the main characteristics of G-Unit are that she is meticulous in her research, and careful with her choice of English. In other words, she provides high quality information about Madeleine’s disappearance.

I have no idea if G-Unit subscribes to a particular theory regarding Madeleine, or is completely open minded about what happened. It would therefore be interesting to sit with her over a cup of coffee and have an off-the-record discussion about beliefs.

Just like me, G-Unit can be found on Miscarriage of Justice on the Madeleine sub-forum.


4 thoughts on “Madeleine – Magnificent Six – G-Unit

  1. G-Unit remarkably proves that reflecting on established facts and abstain from speculation is the only way to progress in the comprehension of a case. I guess that your ignoring what is her private opinion is the best acknowledgement of the value of G-Unit’s thoughts. This also would imply that chatting over a cup of coffee isn’t G-Unit’s style !

    • Anne,

      You happen to be one of my Magnificent Six. For various reasons, it is highly unlikely I will visit your neck of the woods in my lifetime. So unless you visit my neck of the woods, we are not going to meet. Which I consider to be a shame, but life does not always give me what I want.

      Personally, I am willing to impart more face-to-face in a private off the record conversation than I am willing to put on my blog or any forum. Perhaps that’s just me.

      Luz doesn’t do fine dining, but if you want a convivial evening out in the Algarve, let me know.

  2. Sil, I don’t feel “magnificent” at all, although of course I’m quite satisfied with what I did, which in itself is a pleasure, isn’t it ? What I did (mainly the Court reports) was simply exercising my duty as an European citizen faced to threatened freedom of speech, an essential value in societies whose ambition is democracy. I had time, I understood/spoke Portuguese and English, I was sort of neutral, being neither British nor Portuguese, my knowledge of the case was reasonably good, so I couldn’t but facilitate access for my European co-citizens to facts that would help them forming their own opinion on the MC case.
    I’ll let you know if by chance I go for a stroll to the algarvian coast.

  3. Anne,

    As far as I am concerned, the Six have striven to put facts, “not emotions”, into the public domain, and that’s what makes them valuable. Whereas those with less access to the facts have to struggle with whatever emerged in the media.

    It’s not about being right or wrong about what happened. It is simply about dredging up solid data that the rest of us can then chunter on about.

    I am surprised that you managed to get enough time away from your occupation to attend the trial, but you obviously did.

    Q1 Do you like exotic food? I have just managed to find a restaurant in the Algarve specialising in deer, crocodile and kangaroo.

    Q2 In the unlikely event that I make it to your neck of the woods, would the authorities permit me to attend one of your lectures?

    Q3 My better half is quite infirm, a major reason that I don’t expect to be heading north. But what would you recommend for a day out in your city for someone who has major difficulty walking? I have seen one tourist tram trip, but what I know about Lisbon is that it was flattened in 1755. Our grandson has been studying it in school.

    PS Please excuse me. I am going to cook chicken with egg-fried rice. Then I am going to watch someone get murdered on a gentle British TV drama.

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