ATP – 18 Dec 17 – Nando’s chicken livers

The weather is still rough here. Rough is relative. A planned trip to Lagos Zoo was cancelled, because the zoo is all outside. We have not opened the boule pitch or the vegetable park. Portugal is now suffering from this years “gripe” (flu epidemic). But ‘cold’ is 16°C, which is not cold at all.


Infinitives of verbs end in … OK, infinitives of verbs in English are the bits with a ‘to’ in front of them. ‘To buy’ = comprar. ‘To live’ = viver. ‘To sleep” = dormir.

There are regular verbs (the ones that follow the rules) and irregular verbs (the ones that break the rules).

With regular verbs, you get dozens an dozens of words just from the infinitive. With irregular verbs, you have to slog through it by rote.

Infinitives in Portuguese end in -ar (comprar), -er (viver) or -ir (dormir). The ending tells you which rule to apply. It’s all pretty easy in micro-Portuguese. These 3 verbs are regular, so you get dozens of extra words for free.


Nando’s chicken livers. In every recipe, you have to work out the key ingredients. In this one, there are just two – fresh bread, preferably Portuguese – and chicken livers. Add garlic and chilli to your taste.

The history trail. We used to enjoy going to Nando’s in the UK, but I got fed up with piri-piri chicken, so I ordered the chicken livers and a Portuguese roll. The first reaction from my family was noses wrinkled in disgust. Over time that became ‘can I try a bit’, then it morphed into ‘can we get extra rolls’. Nando’s serves one roll with its chicken livers. We normally order three rolls.

The ‘dipping’ sauce is important, so pick carefully. A little bit of fried onion and garlic, enough spice to make the livers as hot as you wish. Flash fry the livers, adding water or white wine, as you prefer.


Folks have until the 29th of December to trade their hoarded escudos into euros.


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