ATP – 15 Dec 17 – couvert


Despite the dire warnings, the supermarkets we visited were open, fully stocked and fully staffed. So if some were on strike today, we did not experience it in the western Algarve. The house is now groaning with enough festive feasts to feed an entire tribe.


(The) year is (o) ano. Hopefully you can see where this is leading.


In some restaurants in Portugal, it is standard to be served couvert. If you don’t want this, just send it back, but then make sure you are not charged for it.

Here is a photo of a standard couvert for two people.

The ingredients are ultra-simple. Fresh bread, butter, pâté of sardine and/or tuna, some olives, and a little bit of mild cheese. Pop down to your supermarket and take home the Algarve!


The news on Portuguese channels today is quite depressing, so I wanted bring something just a little lighter from Portugal.

It seems there is a ‘scam’ under which fishing vessels with Spanish owners, but registered in Portugal, but with Spanish crew, fish illegally in Portuguese waters near the border with Spain.

Basically, the price of fish spikes in Spain around Christmas, so you hoik them out of Portuguese waters and sell them at a fat profit in Spain.

The Portuguese also eat lots of fish in the run-up to Christmas, so I am dubious as to the veracity of this news.

Never mind, the cheeriest photo I could get today was the Maritime Police approaching a fishing vessel.


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