ATP – 11 Dec 17 – pie lady, Hearts, Madeleine McCann

Due to Christmas pressures, my blog is running behind. The news today comes from 17 Dec 2017, not 10 Dec 17.


The words for ‘the day before’ is ‘a véspera de’. So ‘a véspera de Natal’ is Christmas Eve.

Feliz Natal!


There is no recipe today. We have discovered a local lady (English) who bakes pies, so we laid in one lamb pie, one Cornish pasty, one sausage roll, one apple and red berry crumble, and one pecan pie.

So far the star of the show has been the sausage roll. Getting sausage rolls that taste authentically English here has been a challenge, and this one was a giant, big enough for two people and very tasty.


On 17 Dec 2017, Tynecastle was the venue for the big Scottish clash in football – Hearts v Celtic. Because Celtic entered the game with an amazing track record of being unbeaten in 69 games of domestic football, things looked tough for Hearts. It became obvious the home team had not read the script when Hearts player 16-year-old Harry Cochrane scored the opening goal. Hearts went on to win 4-0, bringing Celtic’s record achievement a halt.

Here’s Harry Cochrane.

My real reason for picking football in this post is that a world-class Brazilian player called Kaka has decided to retire at the age of 35, and indirectly he relates to the disappearance of Madeline McCann.

On 2 May 2007, Manchester United travelled to the San Siro stadium in Italy to face AC Milan. It was the decider to see which team would progress to the final of the UEFA Champions League. It pitted Kaka of AC Milan against Wayne Rooney of Manchester United.

Kaka scored, AC Milan went to the final and won it, and Kaka added another medal to his bulging bag of trophies.

There had been another mega-game the night before, between Liverpool and Chelsea. It is probable that hostelries such as Kelly’s were busy on 1 May and 2 May for these games involving English teams.

Then on 3 May 2007, the football involved 3 Spanish teams and 1 German team, in the ‘junior’ UEFA competition. This non-English mix probably explains why Kelly’s was so quiet on 3 May 2007. And it probably helps to explain a pattern behind the 74,104 phone calls and texts into and out of Luz from 2 May 2007 to 4 May 2007.


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