ATP – 9 Dec 2017 -Lisbon Land


Today’s word is cinco (seen-coo) , which means 5. The words for 1 and 2 are a bit tough for micro-Portuguese, because there are masculine and feminine forms, and 1 has plurals, meaning ‘some’. From 3 onwards, numbers get simple and straightforward.

Returning to my children’s book, the title was ‘Os Cinco e o Colar de Pérolas’. Now you know it means ‘The Five and the pearl necklace’.This is a children’s book based on the characters create by Enid Blyton, though the story is ‘new’, if you can call 1985 new. It is one of at least 24 is a series of adventures of the 5, written in French and translated into Portuguese.


Galão. I was going to do something else, but this is quick and simple.

Make an espresso coffee. Add hot milk. Then stop and think. I have seen recipes that insist it has to be served in a glass, but it doesn’t. I have seen recipes that insist one should immediately add sugar to the galão. I have never seen it served that way in Portugal. It is normal to serve the coffee and milk with a couple of sachets of sugar on the side, so the customer can decide if they want sugar or not.

This is Nescafé’s instant galão, which you can order from Amazon, but again stop and think. It seems to ship from Portugal, which means shipping is slow and expensive. You still have to add the hot milk. It already contains sugar. Personally, I would get an espresso base and start from there, but the choice is yours.


Welcome to Lisbon Land.

This building is in a park in Lisbon, and video-mapping is used to put on 3 shows a night in the run up to Christmas, by making the exterior appear festive.

Visit the link for more photos!


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