ATP – 8 Dec 17 – work in progress


Up to 10 people have been charged with homicide by negligence over the 66 deaths at the forest fire in Pedrógão Grande in the middle of 2017.


There are two words in Portuguese that are very important, and which look almost identical. They are ‘e’ and ‘é’. You tell them apart be cause one has an acute accent while the other doesn’t, plus they sound different.

Today’s word is ‘e’ (no accent) pronounced ‘ee’, meaning ‘and’.

My mini-Portuguese draws on a children’s book called ‘Os Cinco e o colar de pérolas’. By now, micro-Portuguese has already broken this down into ‘The Cinco and the necklace of pearls’, which is a lot of progress for just 8 days.


Caldo verde means green soup, and it is particularly simple as it is mainly potatoes and kale.

Boil potatoes in a little water and oil. Add a chicken stock cube. Add the kale, cut into strips. If you want, add some smoked sausage. Paprika will do if you are vegetarian. Blend the result. Serve with quality bread. How easy does it get?


We are working on 3 projects for a fun first Christmas in Portelas. This is the beginning of our boule patch. It needs a lot more weeds cleared off, but this one is the most likely of the 3 to be in place on Christmas Day.


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