ATP – 2 Dec 2017 – alerta frio

For the 2nd Dec 2017, on All Things Portugal there are 3 treats.


Christmas in Portuguese is Natal. This is easy. The UK has the Nativity, and neonatal units. It simply relates to a birth.


Gaspacho is is soup that is normally eaten cold on days which are hot. In winter time, I prefer to warm it up.

Gaspacho out here is everywhere, in all the supermarkets. There are expensive versions, but I prefer the one from supermarket Pingo Doce (roughly translated as sweet-sweet). It is inexpensive, and it contains tomatoes, peppers (non-spicy type), onion, oil, wine vinegar, salt and garlic.

Note it contains no added sugar. I gave up on UK tomato soups because they all seem to add sugar. Tomato is actually a fruit, and it needs no added sugar.

The supermarket versions are blended, so I like to add a small amount of finely chopped vegetables, to give some crunch to the texture. Green pepper, onion, cucumber and celery, but most vegetables work if you dice them finely enough. Add a very small amount of olive oil and some freshly ground pepper.


I have never seen it snow in my time in the Algarve. I have seen hailstones twice. Just as the rain here never drizzles, it only comes down in torrents, the hailstones came down in storms.

We have pleasant sunny weather again, warm enough for sunbathing. But there is a report out that it may drop to freezing overnight in the north of Portugal, around Bragança and Leiria, so I thought I would leave you with a photo of what the hardy inhabitants of Portugal look like when it turns a bit chilly.

Alerta frio!


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