Coming up in Dec 2017

What is coming up on ShiningInLuz in December 2017?

There is actually a backlog of articles on Madeleine McCann, so I will chomp through some of those.

However, as the festive season is approaching, and the Portuguese do love a good festive season, I will also be churning out articles about All Things Portugal (ATP) – topical items that are not appearing in the UK press.

I have had only one Christmas in authentic Portugal, about 5 years ago – the rest were spent in ex-pat enclaves, where the residents followed traditionally British patterns. That is happening in our home in Portelas. Gift shopping has already been done. Gift wrapping has started. I have no doubt the British Christmas tree will soon appear, and I expect Christmas lunch will be entirely to rote.

The Portuguese also love their festive season, and it seems to last to the end of January, at least.

I don’t have the stamina for that. All Things Portugal will start on 1 Dec 2017 and last until 31 Dec 2017.

Here is a taster. The Portuguese budget for next year has now been approved. The large number of political parties involved in the approval process make Portuguese politics appear to be a dog’s dinner. But the photo used to illustrate this decision piqued my interest. So here it is.

There are 2 cities in Portugal that still have active tram lines – Lisbon and Porto. This tram is in Lisbon, but I don’t know whereabouts.

Normal tram cars are yellow. This red one is a tourist tram car operated by Yellow Bus. You pay a small fee and get a guided tour round historic Lisbon. Most of the normal tram cars are small, in order to get them through the tighter parts of Lisbon. And up and down the hillier routes. The standard small trams have been remodeled to upgrade them, so they only look vaguely like the red tourist trams. And there is also a much sleeker articulated tram, but it only works on one route, which is flat.

That is the end of the ATP taster. I am working on getting my hands on an authentic Portuguese Christmas tree, and if that goes to plan, I will be baking it on 1 Dec 2017. Don’t worry, if that fails I have a Plan B. You too can have an easy-to-bake Portuguese Christmas tree!

It’s going to be festive on ShiningInLuz over Christmas, Portuguese style. Come and join the fun!


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