Madeleine – 10th anniversary – L’Heure du Crime

RTL did a special radio programme on 27 Apr 2017 to cover the 10th anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

RTL broadcasts mainly to a French-speaking audience. Its history is that it originated as a private broadcaster with a transmitter in Luxembourg decades ago in the days when radio broadcasts emanating within France were all state controlled. If you want more on its background, check Wikipedia.

The special was ‘L’Heure du Crime’, presented by Jacques Pradel. L’Heure du Crime is broadcast for one hour each night from Monday to Thursday, looking at crime, policing, judicial news etc. I don’t know whether it normally focusses on a single incident or it covers multiple topics, but on this occasion it was all about Madeleine McCann.

The transmission is at , and I have no idea how long RTL makes a copy available to the public.

I was interested in listening in for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to get some idea of how the French approach this topic. Second, it has an interview with Anne Guedes.

If you don’t speak a smattering of French, don’t bother with the programme. I have schoolchild French, but most of the talking is so rapid it goes over my head.

If you are interested in Anne’s input, it starts at 36:16and runs to nearly the end at 43:34.

I have constructed a skeleton for the programme, but I don’t intend trying to do a transcript. I will return to flesh it out if I have some free time, and I am bored.


One thought on “Madeleine – 10th anniversary – L’Heure du Crime

  1. The program was transcribed by Frencheuropean and translated by me.
    If you bother reading, here is is

    Jacques Pradel treats only one case in each program, though he might (rarely) refer to other similar cases.
    May I add that he presented about 3./4 programs on the MC case. His informations aren’t all correct (the media’s responsibility), but he tends to believe that it was a “in camera case”, which is what I tend to believe too.

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