Madeleine v 2018

2018 is going to be a particularly busy year in our household. We have a 21st birthday, two 40ths, one 64th, and a 70th. On top of that, I am trying to develop ‘themed’ days for Formula 1 and the World Cup. ‘Themed’ means an event with a matching drink and a matching hand-held snack, so one can watch TV and eat and drink at the same time.

The 3rd May 2018 will be the 11th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance. I am currently developing a ‘special’ that I want to ‘broadcast’ that evening. However, 3 May 2018 is a clash with the 70th birthday, so my focus will be on the 70th birthday first, then I will shoehorn in the 11th anniversary if that is possible. The Madeleine anniversary is no biggy – there will be a Madeleine anniversary for years to come. There won’t be another 70th birthday. So my first priority is the 70th, and I have already been working to develop that.

Turning back to the Formula 1 and the World Cup, since my home nation has done its usual and failed to qualify for a major football tournament, I have decided to adopt my country of residence, and support Portugal. That is going to make things easy because Portugal is awash with local drinks and hand-held snacks.

The Formula 1 is a bit tougher. The last race of this season is in Abu Dhabi. I guess that means I will be looking for some sort of ‘posh’ water to drink, though fruit juice and quality coffee are alternatives. The hand-held food is very straight-forward. All I need to do is remember that it is considered bad form to eat it with one’s left hand, so I am looking for a right-hand snack. Oddly enough, Abu Dhabi seems to be mainly left hand corners. Oh well!

Now I need to go out into our garden in the sunshine. I am trying to create an adventure trail for the little ones. The first step involves removing builders’ rubble and hacking back brambles. I am about half way there, but the half I have done is the easy half. Now I have to tackle the wilderness. The kids had better love this adventure trail.

It is Shining In Portelas. I am off to top up my sun tan.


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