Madeleine – Netflix #1

I had an enquiry from a member of the Miscarriage of Justice Forum as to whether Netflix was active in Luz on its 8 part special re Madeleine McCann.

At that point my best information was that Netflix had cooled on the idea, but I sent out the Irregulars anyway, to see what could be scraped up. I have just had a report back that yes, Netflix are active in Luz. Here’s how it goes.

David Jones is a writer, of Fireman Sam fame. He owns the Mirage, a restaurant/bar close to the Millennium. It seems he has been interviewed by Netflix. I have no idea what that was about. As far as I know, the Mirage enters the story of 3 May 2007 only because two people from the Dolphin restaurant went there at the end of the evening to play pool and wondered why it was empty. All of the patrons had gone to search for Madeleine.

Just before to 10th anniversary, AFP from Lisbon visited Luz and also had David Jones on their ‘to-do’ list. I don’t know whether they bagged him or not.

If you want more information on David Jones, just Google him with Fireman Sam. Enjoy!


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