Madeleine v Algarve soil

Here is the second of two attempts to dig a hole in the Algarve by purely human effort.

On this occasion, the requirement was to dig a small channel to fit a tiny pipe to repair our irrigation system. We’ve got water, we’ve got pipes, we’ve got a garden and we have fruit trees. But the odd pipe is broken and needs to be replaced.

Bear in mind the June 2014 dig by Operation Grange in central Luz. That was fantasy. This is reality. It is a miniscule trench that was dug into soil which was heavily watered beforehand to soften it up.

This is roughly what you can dig by hand on the Algarve, based on a lot of sweat, a lot of time, and a lot of noise. A channel to fit a small irrigation tube.

This ‘trench’ was dug by someone who is – as young as Smithman – physically fit – and who had plenty of peace and quiet to muscle through it. The result is a channel where you can bury a miniscule pipe.

I still have not worked out a valid reason why Operation Grange dug up the Mound in June 2014. Not one.


5 thoughts on “Madeleine v Algarve soil

  1. Hi Elcacraig/Buzz
    Interesting remark. Looking at some youtube clips showing the so called digging by the SY/Met in PDL, I get the impression that their equipment wasn’t more sophisticated than that shown in your photo, so I doubt that they were seriously digging for Madeleine’s remains, besides, didn’t they put sort of tents to cover the digging, under which there couldn’t have been too much place to hide a big digger or anything like it? IMO, the British police were just pretending to search in order to justify their presence in PDL. They couldn’t possibly have believed, as you’re implying, that “Smithman” or anyone of the “people of interest” had managed to bury Madeleine beneath that surface, if it is as hard as you’ve described.

  2. To be 100% honest, I am still not sure what OG was up to in the Luz dig.

    The site is near the Smithman sighting, and seems to be close to the home of 3 of the 4 people made arguidos in July 14.

    Other than that, I am at a loss. It is just too central to be relevant.

    Now I think I have just relocated outside of the radius of the May 2007 GNR search i.e. my land has not been searched. But if OG wants to drop a team in, my land has yards and yards of brambles to be chopped down.

    And no, It does not have an ‘anomaly’. Lots of stuff to be done, but no anomalies. Just brambles, rocks, and hay.

  3. Hi elcacraig1964 ,I notice you no longer post on JF,but I wonder if you are aware of Netflix producers being in Luz talking to people closely involved with the story,Wonder if they’ll cover the digs.

  4. Netflix announced that they were going to do an 8 part documentary re the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    Since then I have heard, from a source I rate as good, that they had cooled down on this idea.

    I missed many of the media squads making 10th anniversary specials, so a lot goes on in Luz that I don’t know about. Even more so since we moved out of Luz.

    But I will put the feelers out.

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