Barlavento news – earthquake in the Algarve

There was the third in a series of recent earthquakes on the evening of Monday 11 Sep 2017 at 7.09pm. It was not large, at 3.6 on the Richter scale, but this one was close. The epicentre was about 8km NW of Portimão, and that is not quite where we live, but it is not far off.

IPMA is the agency in Portugal that monitors earthquakes, and it said there were no reports of damage to people or property.

I was somewhat surprised. I thought there would be a third earthquake, but I expected it to be to the east of the second, not local to the Algarve.

The sequence is now as follows. First, a little to the north of Lisbon. Second, somewhat to the south of Rome. Third, near to Portimão in the Algarve.

I am not overly worried by quakes of these magnitudes. They ease the pressure that has built up between the Eurasian Plate and the main African Plate. It’s when these little quakes do not occur that the eventual result is a more massive earthquake.

According to the news, this quake was felt in the regions of Portimão, Silves, Albufeira and Faro. Personally, I did not feel or notice anything.


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