Best British bangers

There is a story on the BBC today that I want to bring you to contrast how we treat Portuguese wild pigs and how the British treat their piglets. As you have seen, our wild pigs nip down to the beach when it is hot, to have a paddle in the sea and cool down. What is it the British do with their piglets?

First of all, there was a fire in a hay barn, so the British firemen rushed out to extinguish the fire And in so doing rescued the pigs and piglets from incineration.

What happens after this altruism?

The piglets got fattened up for about 6 months, then sent to the abattoir to get slaughtered.

Then the grateful farmer sent the firemen a platter of pork sausages, by way of thanks. And what did the firemen do? Yes, they grilled the little piggy sausages on a barbecue.


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