Portuguese Empire 1415 – 1999

Whilst rummaging around old photos of Luz, I stumbled across this very old map allegedly of the Portuguese Empire. The notes said a date for this had not been established. Before I go further the map is a FAKE, accompanied by a FAKE history to go with it.

The map intrigued me for many reasons. Portugal seemed to own a chunk of what is now Spain. It also owned a huge chunk of the US to the north of modern day Florida. And it owned a chunk of what is now Mexico. The problem is none of these things happened.

The source is alternativehistory.com, where a bunch of people amuse themselves by writing FAKE histories.

For example, the FAKE history associated with this FAKE map includes a FAKE Queen of Portugal, a FAKE adviser and a FAKE civil war. The FAKE map is required to support the notion that the FAKE Queen of Portugal was besieged in the allegedly ‘Portuguese’ city of Seville, amongst other corruptions.

I normally find history, particularly of the type taught to me at school, to be as dry as dust. I intend poking around a bit more, because as I checked out this fictional tale, I did come across some items in the rise and fall of the Portuguese Empire that seemed to be more interesting, but I need to do a bit of work on that.

Here is a map of the Portuguese Empire from 1415-1999. Bear in mind it is not a map made accurate for any given year. For example, Brazil had gained independence long before 1999, as did nearly all of the territories on this map.

The green lines are places where Portuguese sailors carried out explorations.


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