Luz – Paul McCartney 1968

Paul McCartney visited Luz in Dec 1968. A biography of the Beatles had been written by Hunter Davies, and at that time Davies was living in Luz near Rua Praia da Luz. I have already published a family photo of the group on the rocks by the Avenida dos Pescadores. These are a couple more with a little story attached.

Paul McCartney decided he would do a deal with the media. He would give them an interview in return for having family privacy respected for the rest of the holiday.

The story of Paul’s impending marriage to Linda Eastman was the main thrust of the report.

As you can see, Paul scribbled a little note for the Popular Diary which was included by the newspaper, and the story got published on 13 Dec 1968.

This photo is Paul sitting on the rocks reading the Diário Popular. As this is much better quality, presumably it was taken by Linda Eastman. And presumably Paul is viewing the story about himself and Linda.

There are two little things of interest. Paul used the rocks regularly, much as the genteel folk of yore did, though there is a photo of him in for paddle whilst playing with the kids. Whilst behind on the Avenida dos Pescadores is a large car, so it was not yet pedestrianised.

One assumes that if Faro airport had not opened in 1965, this little adventure would not have occurred.


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