Portugal Daily – CMTV expands into France

CMTV starts Thursday 6 July 2017 broadcasts to France, through Orange, one of the biggest operators of French cable television.

Viewers in France will be able to follow the same broadcast as the Portuguese viewers who follow the channel, either through MEO or through NOS.

With the expansion of broadcasts to France, CMTV takes another step towards internationalisation.

The broadcasts started in Canada on July 1, and the channel has already transmitted to Angola and Mozambique.

In Portugal, CMTV is the absolute leading channel in cable television.


This news item is interesting. Angola and Mozambique speak Portuguese, dating back to when Portugal had an overseas empire.

Quite why viewers in non-Portguese-speaking countries such as France or Canada should be following CMTV is beyond me. It is not clear if France is going to get reports in French, or they will literally be the same as those broadcast in Portugal via MEO and NOS.

Here is a piccy from the ‘news’ item that amused me. As far as I can tell, the relevant part says ‘Keep Calm – ask for paradise’.


4 thoughts on “Portugal Daily – CMTV expands into France

  1. 1,5 million among the french population is of portuguese origin. Portuguese is an option as second foreign language in many schools. In Montreal there is a very dynamical Portuguese quarter. Lots of Portuguese in Ontario as well. That might explain CMTV.

  2. Thank you.

    I could not work out if they were doing an identical transmission or if they were doing something like sub-titles in French.

    Your information suggests it is identical i.e. Portuguese topics in Portuguese for those with a Portuguese background.

    • I don’t know, reading sub-titles is common practice here in Portugal, but not in France. Were they more cultural they could reach he Palops and even Brazil.
      Thank you for noticing it, I had no idea CMTV was expanding.

  3. I hope when I move to split this blog into several different ones.

    One will be something like Portugal Daily, a piece of news in English about Portugal for blog readers who cannot read Portuguese.

    The choice of the CMTV story was in response to a recent jibe that CMTV is on a par with The Sun.

    Today’s story would be about the floods and hail in northern Portugal, but I haven’t reached the stage of doing a story a day.

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