Grégory Villemin via Anne Guedes

Anne Guedes dropped a link into my blog about the cold case story of Grégory Villemin. The programme was a French talk show discussion of the case. It happens to have a short section on the Madeleine McCann incident. I made the mistake of not doing some research on Grégory beforehand, so I was labouring under French that I learned over 40 years ago and have seldom used since. The case is also known as Little Grégory, the Grégory Affair, and the French equivalents thereof.

The Villemins had been getting unsigned letters and anonymous phone calls from a male threatening revenge against Grégory’s father, Jean-Marie Villemin. It appears that in France, the sender of such anonymous letters becomes The Crow – Le Corbeau.

On 16 Oct 1984, the Villemins received a phone call, saying the boy had been taken and thrown in a river. Grégory’s body was found in a river 7km away. His hands and feet had been bound with rope.

On 17th Oct 1984 the Villemins received another anonymous letter stating “I have taken revenge”.

Based on handwriting analysis, a cousin of the father came under suspicion. He was released without charges, but Jean-Marie publicly vowed to kill him. On 25 Mar 1985, Jean-Marie shot dead his cousin, Bernard Laroche, and served 5 years in prison for murder.

Also due to handwriting analysis, Grégory’s mother, Christine Villemin, came under suspicion, but was eventually cleared.

At various points in time, the case has been re-examined, due to advances in DNA testing.

In June 2017, based on new evidence, 3 people were arrested. One has since been cleared. The other two, a great-aunt and great-uncle have invoked their right to silence.


The programme is at The section on Madeleine McCann starts around 46.30.

I do not intend getting involved in Grégory’s case. I only do Madeleine’s case because Operation Grange conducted an expensive, farcical dig in Luz in June 2014. However, Grégory’s story is sufficiently interesting to do this single post.

My thanks to Anne for bringing this case and the programme link to my attention.


2 thoughts on “Grégory Villemin via Anne Guedes

  1. Just some precisions :
    1) The little Grégory was 4 years old. Between the time he disappeared from the sand pile in front of his home and the time he was found in the Vologne river, 4 hours passed.

    2) Grégory’s father’s cousin was incriminated after this guy’s sister in law said she had been with him in his car when he fetched (abducted) the little Grégory (still a mystery for me, how would he know that Grégory’s mum had agreed G. would play outside while she was ironing ?). His sister in law is temporary jailed now. 3 days after telling she was in the car, etc. she changed her version totally and it seems she was threatened and beaten to do so. Some other witnesses corroborated the fact that the first version was the rmore plausible one. Unfortunately the cousin was killed by Grégory’s father, a very bad idea on the topic of truth.

    3) When the sister in law changed her story, the cousin, who had been arrested, was freed and suspicions started to fall on Grégory’s mother. This is what made Grégory’s father lose control and kill his cousin.

    4) The most curious part of this story is the crow, actually the crows. They are many, minimum 2, a woman and a man. It seems that the crow mania was epidemic in the village, hence they might very well be more than 2.

    5) Grégory’s grand mother (his father’s mum) is supected to be a crow, she is now in residential arrest. Her brother and sister in law (family name is Jacob) are suspected to be crows as well.

    Who killed the little boy with an angel face ?
    Unfortunately nobody knows how Grégory died. He looked very serene, but there was some water in his lungs, meaning that he wasn’t (at least completely) dead when he was dumped into the river. That water wasn’t analysed. Was it Viologne river’s or tap water ?

    The only thing that is absolutely sure is that it is a family affair, no strange perpetrator. The amount of hatred is terrifying. Perhaps death wasn’t intended, one hopes that kind of thing.
    Grégory’s father is a handsome and smart guy, his wife is very pretty, and they obviously adore each other.
    It seems they had a tendency to show off or what they told was interpreted this way.
    Now they live in a secret place, they had 3 other children who seem to have had lots of success in life.

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