Madeleine – Rua do Poço – UPDATED

The street of the well, Rua do Poço, obviously features in the Madeleine McCann story. Everything else in Luz does, so why not this tale.

I can find Rua do Poço with no trouble. I can find Travessa do Poço (lane of the well) with no trouble. What I could not do before today was to actually locate the town well.

One needs to go back way before Luz was developed and to imagine a small community that came to the well to get drinking water.

The following photo is definitely from Luz. I have no clue as to the date at the moment. As far as I can tell, the location is consistent with Rua do Poço.

Perhaps there are ways to date this photograph accurately. To me, it just looks very, very old indeed.

One donkey, one aged well – what more can one ask for?

UPDATE 28 June 2017.

I decided to see if there was any possibility of a match to more recent times, so here is my effort at aligning a 2014 photo with the older one. The 2014 one was in colour, but I removed that to make comparison easier. The donkey photo was clearly taken much later in the day when the sun was further west, so I cannot make the lighting conditions match up.

The 2014 photo was taken near the junction of Rua do Poço (street of the well), Travessa do Poço (lane of the well) and Beco do Poço (alley of the well), so I’m confident this is indeed the location of the well.

A little way to the west on Rua do Poço is a restaurant called the Galley. It also has an entry on the promenade. In 2007, it was called O Poço. This got a mention in the PJ Files. A lady emailed the PJ from there, telling them to look in the tunnels under Luz. Paulo Rebelo requested a map of the underground tunnels from Lagos Câmara, but there is no trace of it in the Files. Since Tom, Dick and Harry were already clambering through the rainwater outlets near the sea, it is impossible to determine what the origin of the tunnels story was.



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