Portugal – Pedrógão Grande end

The forest fire at Pedrógão Grande was declared to be over yesterday, Saturday 24th July, in mid-afternoon, one week after the blaze started.

There were still isolated areas of flames within the perimeter, but the main body had been extinguished.

There remained 570 firefighters, assisted by 214 vehicles.

The death toll is currently at 64. The number of homes affected by the blaze is estimated at 90.

Already a new problem has arisen. Those returning tell of assaults, thefts and burglaries.

For this reason, the local câmara is controlling access to the zone. Those wishing to enter the area must present themselves to the câmara with identification. Such people are then given a special access card, to show that they have been checked.

The GNR has stepped up its presence by adding 20 horse teams to patrol the area.

I have little idea of what the weather has been like around Pedrógão Grande during the week. Here in Luz a small thunderstorm has just passed over, brining a small amount of rain. According to my weather station log, that is the first rain since 11 May 2017. Then it rained overnight, giving a good watering, whereas today the rain was hardly of note, and evaporated rapidly.


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