Madeleine – the no news photos

I have been meaning to pack away a few photos before we relocate and as there seems to be no news on the Madeleine McCann front, this seems as good a time as any.

Both of the following photos were taken around 5.50pm, today, 15 Jun 2017. The temperature hit 37°C at lunchtime, which is far too hot for me. We currently live on a hilltop in the north of Luz and that means we get any breeze going, which is brilliant through Spring, Summer and Autumn. Our family juniors have already moved to our new house inland, and they tell us it is baking, with no wind, so I am contemplating how to make a lot of artificial wind when we need it there.

Here is the first of two photos.

I took this simply because that purple-flowering tree is stunning. I have no gardening skills, so I had to ask what type of tree it is. I am informed it is a jacaranda, and I want one when we move. We have around 300m of land that we are not permitted to build any structure on, so we might as well have a pretty garden.

The second photo is simply a view of Luz that you don’t get in any of the stock photos.

This is looking from Monte Lemos in the extreme north of Luz roughly due west. There are two positioning aides in it. In the background you can see the hill on which Boa Vista golf complex resides, stretching to Rocha Negra at the southern end. On the hill you can see the track possibly used by Kate and Gerry McCann when they went running to ascend the hill, but there is an easier route.

In the centre of the photo in the middle distance is a row of villas and sticking up near the left hand end is a thing that looks like a tree. In fact, it is artificial. It is a phone mast that was put in with the intention of providing the Internet throughout Luz, but the project failed. It locally called the pineapple roundabout even though the structure looks like a palm tree. It sits near the northern end of Rua Primeira de Maio, a few yards or metres up from the Hotel Belavista.

If you look nearer than this to the centre-right, you can see a very large villa done in white. That is one of two luxury villas that have recently been built on Monte Lemos in a speculative enterprise. Neither will get finished until someone buys them and specifies how they want the interior to look.

This means that although the Ocean Club is dead, there is still investment and building at the high end of the market. Whether BrExit impacts this remains to be seen.

The orange or sandy-coloured villa behind the white one is obscuring any view of apartment 5A, the Ocean Club, and most of central Luz, but apartment 5A is far enough away that it would not appear from this spot.


3 thoughts on “Madeleine – the no news photos

  1. About the note, SIL, just to say that I agree totally with you. I was blamed on the TMCF forum, years back, when I said that the note didn’t exist (it was like saying GA was a liar !). I remember I had spent quite a long time looking in every December 2017 file before reaching this conclusion.
    GA’s book is full of abusive inferences and a certain lack of rigour. You don’t expect that from an ex-chief inspector. It is a pity he wasn’t convinced he had to correct those errors, that might be due to his writing and publishing his book in a nutshell.
    What the mention of the (ghost) note in “Madeleine” proves is that Kate MC read GA’s book, in spite of what the MCs said. And of course they read it in English, in a rather bad (but let’s be grateful to the translator who did it pro bono) uncredited translation, because it’s translated from the translation in French.

  2. Anne,

    I see the supporters on the Justice Forum now routinely claiming the note as established fact.

    After that, there are 2 things happening here.

    Amaral left his long-term profession and became an author or a media persona. His book and the TVI documentary are in this vein. As was his CMTV special for the 10th anniversary. I am not quite sure why some people expect these works to be the literal truth, when each is clearly decorated with artistic licence. I cannot see why people don’t understand these are products, intended for Portuguese consumers, not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    The same applies to Kate’s book, just that the colour used is different. It is an exercise in Marketing or PR, aimed at promoting the idea that the McCanns are blameless, and that Portuguese legal authorities are s***e. I find it hard to comprehend that a book serialised in the Sun is taken as literal truth. But such is life.

    Regards from Luz.

  3. The problem with the “supporters” isn’t that they support (it is their right, even if it’s not right), but that they’re believers.
    It turns any debate impossible. As the “sceptic” are mostly unbelievers, some kind of discussion may exist. But what a loss of time and energy !

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