Madeleine – CMTV O Enigma

CMTV’s 10 year special, O Enigma, aired on 1 May 2017, and to be honest, I did not gain much from it at all.

The format was basically a day in Luz speaking to Gonçalo Amaral with two presenters. While it covered a great deal of ground, it had little depth. And it trotted out a lot of unsubstantiated claims.

It did have a drone camera with some nice aerial pics, but I would say that BBC’s Panorama won the battle of the drones.

The programme took a fairly loaded Portuguese view, but that is roughly what I would have expected, given that the target audience was Portuguese.

Gonçalo Amaral pointed out a number of inconsistencies and changes in early statements by the Tapas 9.

The Tannerman and Smithman sightings were touched on, but again with little detail.

The programme moved on to Calpol. It was incorrectly described.

Then O Enigma moved to events of the night before swiftly moving to Eddie and Keela, and dog alerts. Two pieces of Kate’s clothing, two pieces of Madeleine’s clothing, Cuddle Cat, the key fob, the boot.

Then, was there a frozen body? Was there a chilled body? Whoever believes this bumph does not understand the basics of decomposition. Animal and fish products are gutted to remove the bacteria that would rot the carcass.

The programme then rambled, over a mysterious apartment near the cemetery, a supposed rogatory that does not appear in the PJ Files, and back to Calpol.

O Enigma moved onto the McCanns suing Amaral, and Amaral winning.

There was quite a long section about the coffin in the church with an English lady about to be cremated. There are details in this that I had not heard before, but none of them stack up.

Perhaps the oddest thing was close to the end. Gonçalo Amaral said he should have remained in the PJ while writing his book. Personally, I think he would have got shredded by the Portuguese judges if he had done that.


9 thoughts on “Madeleine – CMTV O Enigma

  1. Pfft. I am very fond of the Portuguese people. That said, I despise what they have done regarding this case. Their actions belay a country 5 minutes out of a dictatorship, corrupt officials, lack of a free press, and concerned only with their tourist economy, and not with justice in the slightest. The other negative aspect that comes out is their massive inferiority complex, which is internationally renowned. The Spanish find it hilarious.

    As for judges shredding Amaral, his back career shows nobody shredded him for anything until the international media spotlight arrived. And the judges didn’t shred many over Casa Pia, with decades of evidence, so if you could have kept the media attention on what goes on in Portugal away, he could have happily worked to retirement.

    Thing is, his almost comical malice as a top Portuguese policeman was making them look bad… along with the paedos. So, hush up the paedo issue and give him a P-45… then hopefully people will drop it and get back to the rosé and sardines.

    • Hi Loops

      You’re right in that Portugal hasn’t been a democracy for so long time. Still they published most of the files about the Madeleine case on the internet immediately after the investigation was shelved in 2008. Here in Sweden we have a long tradition of having the right to access public files, but we still have to apply for them, so in this respect the Portuguese has taken the openness a step further.

      It’s also true, which you seem to imply, that the Portuguese P J has a quite different approach to this case. While the Met/SY are essentially focused on the hypothesis about an abduction, the P J have more or less ceased to investigate the case since 2008, because they didn’t find enough evidence for the McCanns’ involvement and almost nothing pointing in the direction of a stranger abduction. I cannot blame them for that, especially as we all know that the McCanns were very reluctant, to say the least, in helping the P J in their investigation, as soon as they came under suspicion. I know of course that the case is officially open in Portugal, but not in a real sense, I’m afraid.

      We still need to know if the McCanns are implicated or if there was an abduction. As so long as that question is not being addressed and answered by the Portuguese authorities, it’s pointless going on assuming, guessing and asking a lot of innocent people silly questions, as the Operation Grange have been doing for so many years. The search for Madeleine dead or alive, however, should go on, as it can be done regardless of who took her or who killed her, but that isn’t really a serious police investigation, just a very prolonged search party, which, if we are lucky may result in something.

      SIL/Elcacraig has a very sensible approach to this case IMO, and I take great interest reading his texts.

      • The McCanns weren’t helpful? They answered all questions when interviewed on countless occasions before that point. They weren’t interviewed properly early on, which is when they should have been ruled in or out as suspects. They saw the police attempting to stitch them up for a crime they had no intention of solving or investigating seriously, and they sought legal advice. This case is the best known of its variety in this part of the world, however there have been several that follow this exact pattern globally.

        The media spotlight puts an incompetent/corrupt police force under pressure. The easiest answer for them is to pin it on the parents. That was the answer Portugal needed. The truth is not something that factors.

        And, I’d just add, that looking into the situation in Portugal, and other cases that they have rather successfully hushed up there- something is hugely rotten at the core of the state. I would suggest that the PJ likely have the case solved.

  2. You mention rogotory letters, are they publicy available? How do the Portuguese authorities claim money from HMG, for continued investigation? What is the figure

    • Personally, I haven’t seen a single ILOR or rogatory letter, only the rogatory interviews.

      I doubt that the Portuguese effort is funded by the UK. That includes the team in Oporto and the effort to support Operation Grange in the Algarve, in Coimbra and in Lisbon. Whilst I cannot be certain, I believe it is Portuguese taxpayers footing this bill.

      If so, I am funding OG in the UK, because I pay tax there, and I am funding the Oporto team and OG in Portugal, because I pay tax here.

  3. “Leave a reply” should be “leave a comment” when it’s no reply.
    Sil, on which basis do you suggest that the Portuguese judges would have shredded GA, had he remained in the PJ, i.e that the judges aren’t independent ?

    About the foolish idea of freezing then burning, It could be useful to meditate “Quos vult perdere Jupiter dementat”. Who’s Jupiter ?

    • Part of the judgement seems to be that Gonçalo Amaral no longer had a duty of maintaining silence because he was no longer an active serving policeman. Had he been an active serving policeman when he wrote the book, I suggest he would have come in for a lot of criticism.

      As to your Jupiter question, I do not recognise that, sorry.

      May I ask your opinion of the Portuguese coverage of the 10th anniversary?

      • The Appeal Court based their judgement on the fact that the MCs had widely exposed themselves through their interpretation of the disappearance (abduction abusively presented as a fact), so why wouldn’t GA submit his interpretation as well ?
        Actually GA did agree in a way with the first judge, since he left the PJ to be free to express his opinion (in fact his team’s opinion). Had he waited a couple of months, suing him would have been hopeless since the team opinion was published among the PJ Files and translated on line.

        The only Portuguese part that was interesting was the interview of Pedro do Carmo. They’re waiting for the British to say “that’s all folks”, then they’ll close the shop themselves. Everybody knows that nothing will ever possibly pop up.

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