Madeleine – 10th – #9 – is this the finale?

This is nearly the finale.

It was now getting late and I was getting fidgety. I had wanted to get to the Smith sighting by 10pm and the time had come and gone.

However reporter Michael Havis had now bagged Reverend Haynes Hubbard, so I took a few more photos. Please bear in mind that circumstances were far from perfect. I still had not figured out how to switch the flash on my camera off, so I must have being annoying many a person. It is also not the best camera mode for a night shot, which explains why this photo is so fuzzy.

However, this low quality photo made it into the UK media reports and the question is why. The photo shows what Reverend Hubbard was wearing on his feet – sandals and no socks. He obviously does not stand on ceremony.

But the photo part that interests me is what this gentleman has around his right wrist. It is a yellow band. Reverend Hubbard is Canadian, and these wrist bands have a meaning in North America. They signify hope that a missing child will one day return.

This is a marginally less fuzzy photo of Reverend Hubbard being interviewed by Michael Havis. You can see the lady in black from CMTV striding off at a rate of knots. Lisbon is 3 hours from Luz. London via Faro is more like 6 hours. The media did their interviews and headed off into the distance.

Whereas I grabbed Mr Havis, dragged him to the Smith sighting, and there we emulated exactly what could have been seen by Peter Smith, Martin Smith and Aoife Smith.

This is the last of my personal photos. Questions remain. Where were the McCanns? What did Sky’s special on 2 May 2017 reveal? What did the Panorama special on the 10th anniversary reveal?


4 thoughts on “Madeleine – 10th – #9 – is this the finale?

  1. just a comment from the bottom of my heart. Wouldn’t it be natural and also logical for a couple to participate in some kind of ceremony in PDL, given that they ten years ago in this church celebrated their missing daughter’s 4th birthday, and also made an appeal (in the same place I assume) to the Portuguese people to help them in their search for Madeleine. What makes them stay away from PDL? After all, this was the place in which they saw Madeleine for the last time.

  2. The parents are far from popular in Luz nowadays, and it has been that way for perhaps 8 or 9 years.

    I have one last photo to tag onto this sequence. Kate and Gerry attended a service at their home church on the night. I consider this was a sensible decision.

    Just to make my own position clear, I would have no issue whatsoever in meeting them should they ever return to Luz.

  3. You “wouldn’t have any issue whatsoever in meeting them”, SIL, but they would. They are extremely careful and I certainly wouldn’t suggest they shouldn’t be. I’m sure that they only should expect benevolence from you, not curiosity, but they can’t take any risk.
    Let me thank you to claim that “key/chave” could by no way be confused with “rear/traseiras” or “front/frente”. I tried to say so years back, I see that it has no influence on Carana’s obstinate opinion !

  4. GMC stated not only he entered with his key, but insisted that his wife also used the key (those statements were obviously “open” ones, no PO would have asked a witness what another witness had done, especially when the other witness was going to be interviewed as well).
    The interpreter was the same one (this likely that the two statements are so similar).
    There’s no key in KMC’s statement.

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