Madeleine – 10th – dodgy photos

This is what it looks like when a media scrum is awaiting the next important film shot. They don’t stand around taking a break, getting some peace and quiet. There are things to be done and communications to be made.

I have called this post ‘dodgy photos’ for a reason. I am trying hard to give you an accurate representation of what could be seen on 3 May 2007. I have the photo-edit tools to make these pictures look ‘professional’. But what I want to depict on 3 May 2017 is pure reality.

The time is around 9:10pm by the church clock.

What is dodgy about this photo? Just about everything. I kept trying to switch the flash on my camera off, but it was popping off left, right, and centre. The professionals were a league ahead with lighting, and no one complained, though I must have been a pain in the ass. Perhaps they get used to amateurs.

So what have got? Well, I lit up the gentleman on the left brighter than a Christmas tree. In the centre, the video recorder from Sky is hard at it on his mobile. Mr Brunt appears to be deep in his lines.

Please look very carefully at this pair. This is roughly the distance of the Jane Tanner sighting. What can you see? Mr cameraman is right handed. Mr Brunt is checking details whilst wearing sunglasses long after sundown.

At the rear is a perfect example of why cats eyes were invented. You cannot miss them.

The time is moving on. Have a careful look at the photo and work out what you can describe. I can tell colours, clothing, footwear. There are no white blobs in reality everywhere – that is just s**t on my lens.

This is what media people do whilst waiting for the next big photo opportunity. It’s heads craned, there are things to be checked. The gentleman on the left looks like he is checking out an alien from 1950s Area 51. I guess this is a trick of photography.

It’s 5am in Luz. The rubbish has just been picked up. The local cockerel is telling us all to get up. There is no sign of dawn on the horizon.


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