Madeleine – 10th – behind the scene

It is still only 9pm, according to the church clock. My camera makes it 9:06pm. This is getting very close to the time of the Jane Tanner sighting. You can see what you can see what you can see. The conditions are far from identical. There is much more sodium lighting here. There was a near full moon on 3 May 2017, just as there was on 3 May 2007, except this time the moon is overhead, and 10 years ago it had not risen.

Make your own mind up. At roughly the time of the Jane Tanner sighting on 3 May 2017, my colour vision was working perfectly. The lady in the yellow jacket has a yellow logo on her microphone. It looks like TVI to me, but I could be wrong. The point is the colours are not hard to see.

The next photo is what the media do when they wait.

They don’t wait. There is copy to be filled. There are colleagues in Lisbon and London to be consulted. There are lighting and sound levels to be checked. Back home, you lot take this for granted. I saw lots of people working really hard so you lot got yer sound bytes. The evening was only going to get tougher.

I like this photo a lot. I timed it at 9:09pm. But the reason I like it is it has the 3 VIPs. The first VIP is in the bottom right foreground is a pleasant gentleman who works for a syndicating agency in Lisbon. From Lisbon to Luz it is about 3 hours by car, ditto back. He had come down to Luz about a week before to put material in the can for his agency. Syndicating means they make their money by selling copy, photo, and video onwards to the world news services. He is is obviously a glutton for punishment, as he had done the 6 hour Lisbon-Luz-Lisbon round trip twice in one week.

The second VIP is Mr Martin Brunt from Sky. As Mr Brunt has been kind enough to correct me in my last post, he was indeed broadcasting live from Luz. I would like to hear that broadcast, but unfortunately I do not think I am going to get what I wish for. As you can see from my photo, Mr Brunt was deeply engaged with whatever was on the Sky script.

The third VIP stands for Very Important Pussy. You can see a tiny little black and white and cat that is looking like it is posing for me. The cat does not know me from Adam. I happen to have been told it is the church cat. But I am sorry, I have no idea what the cat’s name is.


One thought on “Madeleine – 10th – behind the scene

  1. I’ve befriended that cat over several visits. It appears to live with others on a bit of waste ground behind a rickety wooden gate opposite the church. I’ve seen an old woman occasionally stop and feed them.

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