Madeleine – 10th – Sky +

By now, the doors of the church had closed. Inside, the congregation got on with the service. Outside, the various reporting teams were working frantically. There was copy to be written and script to be rehearsed.

It was difficult to be sure quite who was who, but there were teams from Lisbon and teams from the UK.

Sky and Martin Brunt were definitely on site, outside the church, and with a plethora of kit. There was a van directly outside the church that I want to show to you. I think it was Sky, but I didn’t ask, so I can’t be certain.

It had Portuguese plates, was LHD, and had Portuguese documentation. It was a Mercedes. The sodium lights make things difficult colour-wise, but it was pure white to the eyeball. It was shining like an alien craft from Area 51 in Nevada. It had as much technology in the back as we have in our entire house.

The size of the satellite dish on top suggests this beasty can do live broadcasts all around Europe if need be. At this precise moment in time, 3 May 2017, the biggest programme going out was a BBC special Panorama on the 10th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance. As far as I could tell, no one was doing anything live that night. Martin Brunt was reading printed notes, doing a shot, going back to his notes, then another little piece etc. I presume this lot got edited and glued together into something much shorter and sharper.

While the congregation was inside and the media teams outside were working harder than a nest of ants, I had a quick look at 2017 technology. Here is what the van looked like on the inside.

I will try to take you through the teams I recognised on 3 May 2017. Please bear in mind I am not an expert on media teams, so if I get this about half-right, I consider I am doing quite well.


5 thoughts on “Madeleine – 10th – Sky +

  1. Not our van, I’m afraid. We were broadcasting live, but from a bit of kit the size of a large chocolate bar. You should have come and said hello.

    • Thank you for your corrections, much appreciated.

      There may be some small pieces of information hidden in the Sky vaults.

      I’ll get in touch when I have had a look at your 2 May 2017 special.

  2. Hi Elcacraig
    It would be interesting to know what the local paper(s) wrote about this event. Are there any such in the PDL/Algarve region?

  3. There are two English papers in the Algarve. Of the two people I know who work for them, I saw neither. Perhaps they were there and I missed them – I was quite busy myself. Or perhaps the papers sent other representatives.

    I am slowly working through a backlog. In order it is the Panorama broadcast of 3 May 17, then the Sky broadcast of 2 May 17, then I will hunt for Portuguese media reports (because I want know how this went out in Portugal) and then I’ll have a look at British media in the UK and on the Algarve.

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