Madeleine – 10th – 9pm

My camera says 9.02pm. The church clock says 8.56pm. The parishioners attending the service were mainly inside. Most of the media went inside the church. This is what it looked like from the outside.

This is now approximating to what Jane Tanner could see under sodium lights at around 9.15pm on 3 May 2007. It is still too early, but it is much darker now. The media lights do not help.

Notice the pedestrian traffic. It is highly important. 9pm or so on an important route in Luz on 3 May 2017.

Make your own mind up about whether I could sneak past this lot with Madeleine on 3 May 2007 whilst carrying Madeleine.

There are too many things going on in this photo to mention them all. I believe this is called SHOWTIME!


4 thoughts on “Madeleine – 10th – 9pm

  1. The best possible time to stage an abduction, if that was what happened, would have been for someone to carry Madeleine’s body away from the apartment around 9.45/50 pm, as this could have been done in perfect darkness, which the photo of the church suggests.

    If the person who did so, was Gerry, he could easily have hurried back to the tapas bar to get an alibi for not being the man that the Smiths had seen around 9.55 pm. There’s is in fact a lot in the PJ files indicating, that Kate didn’t alert until 10.15/20, thus giving Gerry “plenty” of time (at least 20 minutes) to return to the tapas bar before Kate’s alert. Considering that the police weren’t called until 10.40 pm, it seems more likely that the McCanns and the responsible person in charge at the Ocean Club delayed that emergency call only 20 minutes (which is comprehensible), than 40 minutes (which is incomprehensible). This may just be me speculating, but I’ve thoroughly read what the witnesses have said about the time for Kate’s alert, and I wonder of course why such important facts haven’t been discussed so much.

    P S
    Thanks for an interesting blog, though I know that your take on the Madeleine case is very different from mine.

  2. Kate’s alert cannot be nailed to a specific time with certainty, which is hardly surprising.

    However, no one in the T9 said Gerry left the table after his check around 9.10pm. If Gerry had done another vanishing act before the alarm, it should have been obvious to the diners.

    • Yes, elcacraig it’s true, because nobody saw Gerry leave the table a second time, but he could in fact have stayed away from the tapas bar after his check on his children and also after he and Jeremy Wilkins had finished their little social talk around 09.20, and thereafter he could have accomplished a lot before he returned to his tapas friends around 10.10/15, which could have been just a few minutes before Kate alerted about Madeleine’s disappearance.
      I just try to keep an open mind about what happened. The solution lies in the time line, which unfortunately hasn’t been properly established, as far I’m concerned.

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