Madeleine – 1 May 2017 – Weather Station Luz prelims

On 1 May 2017, Luz Tour #6 started. It would run until 3 May 2017. I let the media know that I would give them a 7-day head start on anything that was turned up, so that story is embargoed until 10 May 2017.

I now have an awful lot of material in the backlog, so I thought I would crank out preliminary results from Weather Station Luz. I have not done a check on Weather Station Faro and Weather Station Sagres, so I have no clue as what degree of a match may exist with my local data.

I have found my eyes to be remarkably sensitive to wind direction, sufficient to split the compass into 16 points. I have tested this check on another person, and it worked for him too. Your tear film picks up when the wind is straight in your face, and you can try that for yourself.

There is a distinct pattern that has already emerged. Irrespective of how strong the wind is during the day, it is very rarely strong at 10pm, and it is seldom gusty.

I happen to be in an exposed spot at the top of Luz. Apartment 5A is much more sheltered. The 3rd of May 2007 gusty wind event described by Kate McCann does not appear to turning up in reality, at least thus far. I intend to continue this experiment at least until the end of May 2017, so the final results may be different.


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