Madeleine- 29 Apr 2017 – Luz weather station

Madeleine – 29 Apr 2017 – Luz weather station vegetation

Every day for a couple of months I have been going to my Luz weather station to record key details about the weather here. These checks happen at 1:37pm and 10pm, so I can do a comparison against the weather pattern of 2007. I have already got some initial findings, but what I want to focus on in this post is what the vegetation in Luz looks like as we approach the start of May.

Here is photograph, taken on 29 Apr 2017 at around 1:40pm.

The grey line at the bottom is the edge of the pavement. Behind you can see grass ripe with seed, wild flowers, and a dandelion ready to spread everywhere.

The interesting thing about this is that once a year the câmara has employees who treat this wilderness. It is is not sophisticated. They get a 2-stroke rotary trimmer to flatten every plant within about a metre of the pavement. That stops the weeds from damaging the pavements and the roads. There is nothing remaining above ground level in this zone when this has been done.

The weeds were whacked around 2 months ago, down to the bare earth. So what you are seeing is how long it takes in the Algarve to regrow weeds from absolute zero to the ripe and seeding stage.

Much of Luz is surrounded by similar terrain. This shows how difficult it would be to find a body concealed in the vicinity. Oh, and how the idea should have been sealed off is a non-starter.

Other than that, it is just a photo of some wild and pretty weeds.


2 thoughts on “Madeleine- 29 Apr 2017 – Luz weather station

  1. No big 10th anniversary post?

    Would like to discuss a few points with you at some stage, perhaps, if you’re about.

    All the best.

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