Madeleine – Baptista CCTV

A couple of weeks ago it was pointed out to me that Baptista has CCTV on the entrances. So I wandered down on 11 Mar 2017 to have a look. Here is what the unit on the main entrance looked like.

This view from the north shows the camera plus a white conduit running across the roof over the entrance.

This is a closer view of the camera.

Google Streetview can be used to check that cameras were in-situ in Aug 2009. Here is the one at the rear.

If you compare Mar 2017 with Aug 2009, it is clear the same model was used front and rear, at least in Aug 2009.

Is it possible to pick up the units in 2007? Here is the view of the front of Baptista on 22 Jun 2007, courtesy of Google Earth. It is hard to make out the camera itself, but the white conduit running on the roof is easier to spot.

I have tried getting enough out of Google Earth to show if the rear CCTV was in place in Jun 2007 but the angle of the satellite image makes it difficult to be sure. It seems unlikely that there was CCTV at the front but none at the rear.

What I cannot ascertain is whether the CCTV is real, as opposed to a dummy, and whether the system records, as opposed to simply monitoring. There are no signs up alerting to the cameras, which would render a dummy ineffective. It also seems unlikely that the system would not record, making it useless for any overnight break-in.

On balance of probabilities the system is real and records. If correct, this means the CCTV should have been grabbed purely as an independent way of building up a picture of activity in the area of apartment 5A in the time leading up Madeleine’s disappearance.

However, given the years I have now lived in Luz combined with the fact I have never noticed these cameras before, it is unsurprising that no-one in the PJ spotted them or thought to capture these small scraps of information.


2 thoughts on “Madeleine – Baptista CCTV

  1. At that time the OC were responsible for cutting the grass so they will have known. Left a post on Textusa.

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