Madeleine – Luz Tour v Dearly Departed Tours

In early October 2016, the Mirror handed me out some stick by writing the Luz Tour up as the Ghouls’ Tour. Something called Dearly Departed Tours (of Los Angeles) popped up on TV last night, so I was interested in doing a comparison of our approaches.

The Dearly Departed Tours website is at


The blurb from the website goes –

Dearly Departed Tours’ founder Scott Michaels is the authority on the Dark Side of Hollywood. Our standard Dearly Departed Tour is a multimedia Hollywood bus tour like no other. Explore cases like Manson, Janis, Whitney and Michael, and lesser-known celebrities with even more spectacular exits. You’ll also see the final resting places of Marilyn, Natalie, Farrah and more. Peppered with crime scene photographs and audio clips (including 911 calls), the tour has earned its consistent 5-star ratings. We’ve been featured on the E! Show Hollywood Death Trip, Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover, Ghost Adventures and dozens more, and the FX’s American Horror Story even paid tribute to the tour. Scott Michaels’ one-of-a-kind collection of celebrity death memorabilia on display in the Gallery includes the pink suitcase Jayne Mansfield packed the night she died and Rock Hudson’s deathbed. Soon we’ll be displaying the Jayne Mansfield Death Car!”


How does Dearly Departed Tours compare with the Luz Tour?

Luz has one famous missing child. Dearly Departed covers many a famous dead film star.

Luz Tours are on foot, and the going can be tough. Dearly Departed is by bus, rather essential in Los Angeles given the size of the city.

Luz Tours are for people with considerable expertise in the Madeleine McCann case. Dearly Departed is aimed at gawkers.

Dearly Departed is into memorabilia from those stars who have passed away. The nearest I have to memorabilia is a battered copy of Kate’s book ‘madeleine’.

Dearly Departed is a pay-for commercial service. Luz Tours are entirely free

Dearly Departed has a fairly posh web site, complete with natty graphics. I have this blog, adorned with a few original photos but mainly using material from the Internet.

I don’t think there is a way to commercialise Luz Tours and I wouldn’t want to even if it was possible. However, I find it ironic that I get keelhauled for trying to progress the Madeleine McCann case, for free, and Scott Michaels gets lauded for running a business based on dead celebrities.


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