Portelas – are we finally moving?

We were told by our solicitor that the last thing needed to enable us to buy a house in Portelas was a habitation licence. And we were told today by our solicitor that the Câmara issued a habitation licence 3 or 4 days ago.

Yippee – we’re on our way to Portelas!

Hang on. Why didn’t our solicitor tell us that a habitation licence had been issued, so we could proceed with the purchase?

Well it seems that gaining a habitation licence is not the final step. There is a final final step. Regulations require that we send the plans for our house to the bank granting our mortgage. This makes sense. If we were to do any dodgy extensions, the bank would be entitled to require us to undo them at our expense. So far so good.

However, our house is 19 years old and in those 19 years the bureaucratic regulations have changed. In 2017, we are required to detail all the building materials used in the construction of the property. I cannot explain this one. All I can say is it is a current requirement. And that when our house was built 19 years ago, it was not, so we do not have this detailed list of building materials.

It seems there are two ways forward. One is the rather senseless idea that we should get the building tested for its building materials. The alternative is that architectural plans are sent to our mortgage bank, and that as the property is 19 years old, the bank accepts the plans without a list of component building materials. It’s called an open plan.

I must say I have seen a snail make faster progress, despite us badgering everyone in the chain for progress. On the first anniversary of our attempt to purchase this house, I am not filled with confidence that we are on the final final leg of this Odyssey. A final-final-final leg would not surprise me. To be honest, it would not surprise me if we are still trying to move on the second anniversary of our offer to buy the house.

The other tale about Portelas is equally disappointing. We were told that by far the best butcher in the area is in Portelas. Today, we were informed there is no butcher in Portelas, and that the best butcher in the area is in Odiáxere. Now Portelas to Odiáxere is no biggy. It’s simply that someone must know where the best butcher is, and whether there is a half-decent baker. We have also been told that there is a lady who comes round Portelas selling fresh fish. I do hope that story is a true one.

This is going to be part of my entertainment zone. That is, if we ever get to move.



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