Madeleine, CEOP, Wayback Machine

In June 2015, a remarkable discovery emerged from the waves. CEOP, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, was alleged to have posted Madeleine’s disappearance on the Internet days before 3 May 2007.

This story re-emerges on a frequent basis, and for some reason it has surfaced once again. It is the top search about the Madeleine McCann case that is finding this ShiningInLuz blog. I have no idea why interest has bubbled up again at this time.

A one-line summary of the event is that a technical error on the Wayback Machine meant that historical records from months after Madeleine’s disappearance had been misfiled with a date from a few days before she went missing. It was possible to verify this using captures of CEOP from the Wayback Machine and another site that captures historical data.

Eventually, the Wayback Machine did the best it could, and wiped the misfiled data.

This sequence of events has been a part of the fuel that has fired the notion that Madeleine disappeared days before 3 May 2007. From the search history regarding my blog, it is one of those stories that will run forever, no matter what evidence is provided to the contrary.

I had enough foresight to capture all of the data that shows this incident is nothing more than a technical error on the Wayback Machine. Use the tags to see for yourself.

I have no reason whatsoever to doubt that Madeleine was alive when she was checked out after High Tea on 3 May 2007.


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