Madeleine v Portelas

As far as I am aware, the final obstacle to our purchase of a 7 bed villa on Portelas has now been removed, almost exactly one year after we started trying to buy the house. We will be moving soon!

The house is not posh, in fact I would class it as fairly rustic, which will be very much a new challenge for me.

I am fairly much a recluse, but the simple matter is, I will need to get out of my shell and communicate with the good villagers of Portelas if I am to thrive in our new location.

I had a simple test run tonight when I cooked beef bourguignon for my very first time. The meal was hearty and filling, and the cheap beef which went in one end was delicious when it came out of the other end. Good food but I am sure I can improve on my first attempt at the dish.

Things might go a bit quiet or a bit slow for several months on ShiningInLuz. We have priorities like buying a house and relocating, and in sorting out some major medical concerns. We have the issues of life to crack on through.

I learned a lot today about what happened to Madeleine and the aftermath in Luz. Unfortunately, if I were to reveal all, I would have to shoot myself.

I will try to get back to you as and when I get time to blog.


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