Portelas – Around the world in 12 countries

If you have read my blog you will already know that I enjoy cooking. I also like food from all over the world.

ShiningInLuz blog gives me very basic stats on visitors. I can tell from which country a visitor comes, but not a lot more.

If I combine the two ideas, world food and world visitors, what is the result?

When we move to Portelas, I hope to set up a diner’s club based on the fare from countries around the world. The basic idea is simple. One dinner per month, each set in a different country. 12 dinners in a year, each with a unique take. A world tour in food.

Looking at viewing stats for 2017 on ShiningInLuz, we have the following as the top 12 countries.

United Kingdom, United States, Germany, India, Portugal, Spain, France, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, Greece and Canada.

There are two entries on here that I would prefer to remove from the world tour. I know how to cook for both, but to make an event out of of it is like trying to push water uphill. On this basis I wart to scratch the UK and Portugal for this around-the-world in 12 countries journey.

As I am down to 10, I need two reserves. And at the moment, the substitutes comprise The Netherlands, Isle of Man, Denmark, Australia, Morocco and Brazil. If I eject England and Portugal, I need to call up Thailand and South Africa to the substitutes bench.

I am presumptuousness enough to believe I can actually cook a reasonable 3 course meal in the cuisines of all these countries, bar a single one. I have no idea what passes as good food on the Isle of Man. Presumably being an island, there is some delicious seafood in the formula.


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