Madeleine – Portelas 15 Jan 2017

Our purchase of a house in Portelas is grinding through at a snail’s pace. It is a year since we started. We went up to the village today, 15 Jan 2017 to look at several things inside the house, and several things outside. The photos are all around 1.15pm today.

It was a jolly hot day with perfect blue sky and no wind. I wanted to hack around the garden and that was quite tough in the sun.

Here is the first of 3 photos. What we have on the right is the neighbours granny annexe. There are 3 generations of neighbours packed into one plot next door, and this house will give you a good idea of the size of the bit of land we are buying.

In the bottom left is an orange tree. In the bottom right is a lemon tree. To the left-centre is an overgrown row of conifers. By the time we get to the bottom of the garden, you will find it tough to make anything out beyond the granny annexe. Also note the 3 palm trees at the bottom of the cultivated plot.


In the second photo I have trekked roughly half way down what will become our new ‘garden’. If you know what an orangery is, then I hope this will become our new new orangery. If you don’t know, the view is simply two orange trees beside some bulrushes. Another sight to store for later.


This is the3rd and final photo. I am at the bottom of the garden pointing towards the village. It is easy to see our neighbours granny annexe on the left, but after that it gets tougher. Our twin orange trees and bulrushes are centre right. The palm trees run along the centre. We have half a garden to go before we reach the house.


Our proposed home is the one with 4 windows smack dab in the centre of the photo. You cannot tell from the picture but the house is actually on 3 levels.

From this position you get a fairly decent view of what the village looks like. However, the aim of my photo was to show you our new ‘garden’, which most people would call a meadow or a field.

When we tried to leave, we found we were stuck inside. The front door is warped and it took us 10 minutes to unlodge it. And Portelas was in full swing. It was perfect weather for sitting in the sun and the locals at the café were obviously in a very good mood. Positively boisterous.

Is there any connection to Madeleine McCann whatsoever? At the moment I can think of two.

Portelas was the home of Euclides Monteiro, aka Tractorman. Senhor Monteiro was widely suspected of involvement in the incident, despite an absence of anything to connect him to Madeleine McCann.

From memory, the radius of the search for Madeleine stopped before it reached Portelas.

If I have got that correct, and our move to Portelas goes through, we will have exceeded the search zone for Madeleine. Our back garden is not wasteland, rugged scrub-land, or whatsoever. It is simply a very large garden. It just happens to have a large amount of hiding places.


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