Madeleine – Xmas day 12 – Bring on the dogs

What would a Madeleine McCann discussion be without bringing in some dogs?

I was asked on the UK Justice Forum about whether dogs are permitted on Luz beach. There are lots of signs up saying this is not permitted, but we live in Portugal, so hey-ho.

The date of my photos was the 12th day of Christmas, 5 Jan 2017. The time was around 8.45am. The weather was glorious!

The first photo is the remains of the Roman villa on the seafront in Luz. Please don’t ask me for the history of this. The relevance to Madeleine McCann is that this villa had fresh water coming in through an aqueduct so that it could do many things with water, one of which happened to be processing fish into a sauce that was basically the Roman equivalent of ketchup.

The one key word here is aqueduct. If you want to enlarge this, think of the tunnel stories about Luz. There is a small amount of the Roman aqueduct in the road to the north of this site. The roads behind this location all indicate it was once where the people of Luz came to draw their water from the well.


As I was walking along, it looked like like Luz was deserted. I had already passed car drivers and dog walkers a-plenty, but the front looked empty. The photo is stuffed with lots of points relevant to Madeleine McCann assuming you know the details. Here we have rocks (significant) leading on to the beach (significant) with the revamped Paraíso in the centre (significant) plus the villas up the hill to Boa Vista (significant).


In the foreground, the man in a gold top had passed me with two Labradors. One was very old and that is the one that is slowly picking its way across the rocks. The younger one had squirted off into the distance to play with the black dog in the centre. This is how it works with the dogs in Luz. They do not scour the beach searching for missing children or dead bodies. They go out to play with each other.


One lady in a white top with black leggings, one black dog, one Labrador, and two early morning beach walkers. It may be that the two walkers have a small white dog on the beach.


This photo has unimportant things in it. The two Labradors are together again. The walker in the distance now appears to have two small dogs. The lady in the white top is with her black dog.


Can we proceed to the important things in this photo? If you are eagle-eyed, you will spot a tiny play-park for children outside the Paraíso, consisting of no more than two swings and one slide. I don’t know what it looked like in 2007. All I can say is that this kit has been on the beach outside of the Paraíso since Feb 2012.

The bit that interests me is the motor-homes in the background. In May, this bit of space is under parking control, so motor-homes go elsewhere in Luz. And yes, it is relevant. The place Operation Grange dug in June2014 was the one and only hill used by motor-caravans in 2007, and it features in the PJ-Files.

This is the next animal on the beach on the 12th day of Christmas. I have had a discussion with my grandson, and he wavered between a crocodile and a dragon until one of his elders steered him towards a dragon. So now a dragon it is. Officially.


The lady in the white top is walking her black dog off the beach. The two Men In Black are lurking on the seafront. Someone in the background has decided to have a stroll out onto the rocks. The time is 8.58am and people are already hard at work all around. Off goes one dog …


And onto the beach come another two. This photo was not black and white. I was simply pointing directly into the sun.


This is something I perchanced across as I headed home. It is still 5 Jan 2017 at 9.07am. While most of the graffiti has been tidied up, it seems they haven’t got everything sorted yet.



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