Madeleine Xmas day – 9/2- wasteland

This is the view over the part of the undeveloped land to the south of the road. This is actually only about half of the southern part. The big tree on the right hand side means I cannot get a photo of the entire area. This chunk of land is unusual in that I could not see any tracks or paths crossing it. That makes it one of the few places in Luz not covered by pedestrian traffic and dogs.

Hopefully, you are getting a sense of how difficult it would be to search Luz thoroughly. This segment alone would require a much more sophisticated search than just a gaggle of volunteers having a swift perusal.

By the way, if you have noted the photo is a bit grey and overcast, that is because after a long spell of fine weather in December the pattern finally broke in January. It started off grey and 16°C, developed into a light shower, and before I finished this jaunt it was raining fairly hard, so I got soaked.


This is the view to the north segment. There used to be a sign there saying it was for sale and that the total plot size was 58,000m2 but that has now fallen down. This entrance was in use after Madeleine disappeared, though I have no idea what sort of activity was carried out in the compound.


To the right of the north plot there is a row of houses. The end one is but one of a multitude our family has occupied since arrival. That is why I know you can bypass the plot wall rather easily, and there is evidence that several people do just that.

Note the stepped wall, which belongs to the row of houses, and it appears a couple of the tops have lichen on them. Lichen.

This vista actually says quite a bit about the layout of the area. There are lots of concrete floors and aged walls.


The part I am on is in somewhat of a valley in between ridges to the left and right. Those palm trees on the right summit indicate there is some sort of modern structure up there.


This is a closer look at the ruin near the road. As you can see, there was another building here once, now demolished down to the concrete foundations.

I didn’t work out a way to get near to the front of the house, due to thick vegetation. I suspect the little fence has been put across the entrance track to prevent the locals from using for … well, whatever they might have been doing in there. Possibly the reason the centre top is missing is that the locals did not appreciate this barrier, but who knows.

If you look carefully at the piece of graffiti on the left end of the fence, you might conclude this is a simple but careful drawing of a church. Perhaps that relates to the usage of the ruin, but again I cannot tell.


The following photo was taken from near the entrance gates, and it simply gives you an idea of the size of the plot. The area dug by Operation Grange in central Luz in 2014 was reputed to be about the size of three football pitches. A football pitch is around 100m by 50m, or 5,000m2 in area. That makes this particular plot around 4 times the size of the Operation Grange dig, and I know of several such plots in Luz.

The photo is mainly for context. I am going to move to near to the tree you can see in the centre of the photo, to show the next phase of the land.


The road continues on and the land opens up again. This is well-removed from the road and there is a fair bit of screening to make it private It is not a busy thoroughfare.


This is the terrain above the trees. There is obviously a rough car area at this point, but it is definitely not the remnants of houses. In the background, there is a large retaining wall. The land here seems to be in aged terraces, which is suggestive of old style farming. But it could be that modern inhabitants who just like nostalgia features.

There is one heck of a lot of very complex land between where I took this photo and the top of the hill. Try thinking about organising a police search and how you would solve this problem.

Up on the top of a hill, in amongst the palm trees, a pink villa sticks its head above the skyline.


To the left, it is a row of villas behind scrub land. At this point in time I was getting concerned about the fact the weather was greyer and greyer. And when I looked down after taking this photo, my foot has just missed an aged horse pat.


I was trying hard to work out how there could be a horse pat on this rough territory, when guess what arrived in view.


There was one footpath forward and the horse was standing next to it. I was wondering whether the horse was territorial or friendly. It looks like the horse was trying to sum me up at the same time.

Look at the top left. There is a second ‘ruin’ on the property, but I have to wonder if it is used as a barn for the horse.

Look at the sky. There is no more blue any more. It is all grey.


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